Real Estate Advice with Water Wells
A Complete Guide


At times we all need some valuable Real Estate Advice. Real Estate is likely the largest investment that most of us will acquire during our entire lifetimes Purchasing Real Estate serviced by a water well requires far more detailed information than purchasing a home or land that doesn't rely on a private water well or another private source for it's water supply.

Specifically this web site has been developed to offer lots of practical and competent information to anyone who's considering the purchase or sale of Real Estate with a Water Well.

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful Real Estate in the world. As a Groundwater Consultant, I've been called to many of the Gulf Islands, even some of the smaller or private islands without electricity or services. I've enjoyed covering much of Vancouver Island and meeting hundreds of homeowners, purchasers and Realtors. It's been a privilege to have visited so many remarkable properties that have often required ferry, water-taxi trips or tug and barge trips... I can't think of anywhere else in the world I would rather live, it's truly beautiful.

Many North American properties are also serviced by private water well or perhaps a shared water well and generally a private sewage system. Water wells can be an excellent source of water and a valuable asset but unfortunately this is not always the case. I find that too many people are clearly not aware of what they may be purchasing!

For nearly 15 years I've specialized in Real Estate Advice with Water Wells on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands as a Groundwater Consultant. Prior, I was a licensed BC Realtor for nearly 10 years. As a result of my background - much of my work today is with purchasers, vendors and Realtors investigating and advising on the condition of private water wells, water systems, treatment systems and contamination issues etc. Some of my work is has now spread across North America via the internet.

If you're purchasing a home or bare land with a water well in British Columbia, it's very important you carefully investigate the water well whether it's private or a shared well. Purchasing Real Estate without knowing the facts or making a decision based on verbal representation of the water source or the quality of is very common, but you may end up quite disappointed and have some very costly water well problems on your hands down the road. "Buyer Beware" is not a term to be taken lightly when it comes to water wells... remember to always seek out professional Real Estate Advice.

The information offered on Real-Estate-with-Water-Well-Advice is intended to serve as a basic guide to the public it's not offered as legal advice as I'm neither a Realtor or a Lawyer. If you're selling your home this site is also intended to assist you with Real Estate Advice. This information will easily prevent some serious last minute problems with the sale of your property. The pages on this site are based on information that I have learned after my study and inspection of hundreds of domestic water wells, water systems and water treatment systems for nearly 15 years.

After years of helplessly observing so many situations which have caused a lot of stress and hardship for both vendors and purchasers. It's important that I offer what I've learned and hopefully my experiences will be of great value to others. A little information and education will make a difference, it's been the primary purpose of my work and study.

My self-authored website is a long time from completion, if ever. I have been writing and advising here for nearly 5 years... many pages have earned top ranking with Google. I will continue updating and adding Real Estate and Water Well Advice over the months and years ahead. There's so much more information I still need to cover...

The intention of this site is not to offer legal advice but general information based on 15 years of experience working in the Groundwater Industry.

If you have any questions please feel free to Email Colleen

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