30 Year Battle With Fibromyalgia Gone!

by Vicki Peludat
(Dryden, Michigan)

<FONT COLOR=#056849><b>Vicki and Bob Peludat of Dryden, Michigan</b></FONT>

Vicki and Bob Peludat of Dryden, Michigan

I've been sickly all my life! My Appendix was out when I was 7 and my Gallbladder when I was 8. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for as long as I can remember and pain since I was a teen. I was a sweet-aholic and always tired.

I started popping pain pills and went to all the doctors with no relief. I had days of extreme pain where I couldn't get out of bed, but some days it wasn't as bad, and still no relief with doctors not knowing what was wrong.

"Finally, in 1981 I went to Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. That sent me on a lifelong journey to find something to ease my pain"

We spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors, chiropractors, therapists, drugs, herbs, therapies, massage, machines, juices, remedies and anything that I could get my hands on that someone said might help.

I felt as if I was going to have to endure this pain for the rest of my life when someone asked me, if I had ever heard about our bodies being too acidic? I said I had never heard of that one! They gave me a website and I then started my search to find out about making my body more alkaline.

"I looked at alkaline ionized water, but I thought... water is just water right? I had been drinking acidic reverse osmosis water for 15 years and thought that was the best water. We decided we should purchase a alkaline water machine but we wanted the best one for the best price"

I researched for two weeks and was so confused. One company said they were the best and the other one said it was cheaper but just as good. I called companies, read articles, watched videos and started comparing apples for apples. Then, after my frustration I started praying (should had done that in the first place :-) and asked God for help.

After much research my husband and I felt that purchasing our alkaline water machine was the best choice and bought it in September 2007. It was the best purchase we have ever made in our lives!! We know that now, after 3 years!

Yes, for three years I have been without pain! Amazing! It took a couple of weeks (I did detox quite a bit) until I noticed improvement and about a month after beginning to drink ionized alkaline water I got up in the morning without pain! NO PAIN!! I mean nothing! Fo me this was a miracle. Now, June, 2010 I still can say I'm pain free!

I don't take naps anymore, I don't crave sugar anymore and my IBS is GONE!! I haven't changed my diet (I never drank pop and I ate healthy - except my overly sweet tooth) and I just started drinking a lot of ionized alkaline water.

"If you would like to speak with me about alkaline water and Fibromyalgia feel free to call me. I would like to encourage anyone I can!"

~Vicki Peludat~
Dryden, Michigan

Phone: 810-796-9233

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Almost the same story
by: Cynthia Prante

I was always sick in my early year.
Finally Diagnosed with sever PMS in 1982.
Finally Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1990
Finally Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1992.

Always sever pain, fatigue, fibro-fog, IBS, GERD, depression, seizures from my spine, high sensitivity to chemicals etc. Many neurological conditions now associated with fibromyalgia, including almost total dysfunction/SS Disability. Stuck at home, not even church attendance. Housekeeping help was necessary.

Used to do university level research in areas including nutrition. Researched my conditions and possible help for years.

Came across Enagic Kangen Water® machine and it's reputed properties of its water. Of course I researched nutrition and pH information, alkaline water benefits, and at last the machines.
Within a month, my increasing seizures stopped. (I should add, simultaneous pettibone chiropractic treatment also helped with this issue.)

My sensitivities disappeared--I enjoy flowers and scented candles, bath oils, etc. now. My IBS and GERD went away. I was able to eat foods I had not enjoyed for years, e.g. bananas, pecans, pineapple... I began attending church again.

I was still disabled, but not dysfunctional. I could enjoy my floral, jewelry and reading hobbies. I have used Kangen Water® for three years. I constantly thirst for it.

I'm happy.

Cynthia Prante

by: Anonymous

I drink Kangen Water® too - and loving every ounce of it.

God Bless!!!

Thank you!
by: Camille Wood

Wonderful testimony!! Thank you for sharing!!

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