68 Years Young with
Amazing Stamina & Energy!


Sandra Coon

(Michigan, USA)

In 2008 I spent the summer in Peru: I was tired, unable to climb stairs and hike up hills, GI problems affected me at least 6 weeks of the time, headaches, and in general I was very weak.

In May 2009 my friend introduced me to alkaline ionized water. After drinking the ionized water for one week I told my friend I wanted my own Alkaline Water System and bought one.

In October 2009 I traveled to the Middle East with my church for 14 days. I climbed steps, hills, mountains, rode a camel and a horse - I had amazing stamina, energy, totally unlike the Peru trip. I had no GI problems despite early mornings and late nights. I am 68 years old: I kept up with and passed the 30-something year olds without difficulty.

"The only change in my life was the ionized alkaline water"

~Sandra Coon~

Michigan, USA

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