85 Years Young, Physical Strength, Energy, Thinking So Much More Improved.


Gwen Thomas

(Portland, Oregon, USA)

In a few short weeks I will be 85 years young. Before I began drinking Kangen Water® I was scared, I was struggling to think and remember. My vision was blurred. I scarcely had energy to make it from one room to another. I was using the walls and furniture to steady myself. I had so much to do but just sitting accomplishing nothing. I felt like a zombie.

I went to see my Chiropractic - Clinical Kinesiologist, he ask what was wrong? I replied, "I am good for nothing, useless, not accomplishing anything." He and his wife were shocked and couldn't believe how weak I was. His diagnosis, "You are critically dehydrated, malnourished and anemic." You are not absorbing anything, not the water, the good supplements, food or anything. Other than that you are healthy. I ask how I could be dehydrated when I drink about a gallon of water a day? He replied, "You are not assimilating it."

A couple days later a friend called to tell me about Kangen Water®. I began drinking Kangen Water®, I returned for my follow up appointment 2 weeks later. I didn't say anything he began testing me, he was flabbergasted at my strength. He ask me "Gwen what have you been doing the last 2 weeks, I was using all my brute strength with both hands and you didn't budge?

I said, "I quit drinking Spring Water from WinCo and started drinking Kangen Alkaline Water."

My doctor asked, "WHAT IS ThAT?" I replied, "I don't know anything about it. Here is a DVD if you would like to learn about it." He took it eagerly. The doctor purchased four Kangen Water® Systems and began giving it to his patients.

He told me a short time later, "This is the first time in my 20 years of practice every single patient tests positive for the same product... the Kangen Water®."

Three years later he is still amazed at the change in my life. The physical strength, the energy to work like a 40 year old. My brain has cleared a lot of stuff so I can think, no longer feeling like a robot. My vision is no longer blurred and a cataract seems to be diminishing. I actually have energy to run from room to room, when I get there I can remember what I went for. Yeah!!!

I asked my doctor several months after drinking the Kangen Water®, "Do you honestly think I would still be here had I not changed the water I was drinking? He thought a minute and replied, "I don‘t think so."

"Thank you, Heavenly Father, and my Eternal Gratitude to my caring friends who shared the Kangen Water® with me."

~Gwen Thomas~

Health & Wellness Advocate
Portland, Oregon, USA

Phone: 503-252-0510

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by: tiffany santa

Thank you so much for your touching story.

Thank God that your friend was willing to share with you. I had a friend who reached out to me also. It is truly a blessing!

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