A Mom's Experience...

by Camille Wood,
(Ketchum, ID)

<FONT COLOR=#990033><h3><B>My beautiful kids Alivia and Noah</b></h3></font>

My beautiful kids Alivia and Noah

As a mother of a 4 year old and 2 year old, I'm always prepared for things to happen to my kids whether it be sickness or injury. alkaline ionized water has brought more health to my kids than I could have ever anticipated.

In May 2010 we will have had our alkaline water system for 1 year. This past cold and flu season compared to last years has been like night and day. Last year the kids were constantly sick, colds and flu's would stick around for 2 weeks. Our youngest child, Noah was actually hospitalized for a bronchial infection.

This year the kids only drank alkaline ionized water and have maintained perfect health. Twice they have gotten a cold bug, and it has stuck around for 3-4 days and the symptoms are so mild they can still go to school.

The second thing I wanted to share was last week my son, the 2 year old, burned his fingers on the hot stove, four of the five fingers blistered right away and after taking action to stop the burning with cold water and some botanically based cooling cream, he stopped screaming. We then followed treating his burned fingers by spraying with 2.5pH the electrolyzed acidic water 4 times a day.

On the third day of this, one of the blisters had broken open, we were seeing incredible healing, and his hand looked amazing! No redness of infection, no scabbing we just saw the wound closing up. The other fingers with the blisters were not broken open but the blisters seemed to be going a way quickly! After 5 days we stopped spaying him with the electrolyzed water because his hand was fully healed!


"Alkaline Ionized Water has changed my life, and has proven to be the most effective and most simple way of keeping my kids strong and healthy."

Camille Wood
Ketchum, Idaho

Ph. 208-721-7707

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