Auto Body Shop Owner
Exposed To Toxic Chemicals
With Severe Liver Problems

by Brian Shkuratoff
(Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada)

<FONT COLOR=#800000 ><b>Debbie & Brian From Shawnigan Lake, BC</b></FONT>

Debbie & Brian From Shawnigan Lake, BC

Amazing Improvement In My Health...

It's almost 1 year now on Kangen Water®... This past weekend my wife Debbie and I were reviewing how we are feeling and where our health is now, almost 1 year since buying our alkaline water machine.

Our skin is supple, soft and hydrated, our hair is soft, thicker and shiny. Our heartburn is completely gone, we are both sleeping solid and through the night, waking up feeling totally energized. I can work out with out getting tired.

"Even though I'm exposed every day to the toxic chemicals in my Auto Body Shop, I feel drinking ionized water may be saving my life."

I have had severe liver problems due to the toxic overload in the almost 40 years in the Auto Body business. I have been very sick, low energy, high liver enzyme counts in the last 5 years, enough to worry us very much.

Wondering what my life expectancy might be, as well as quality of life as we head towards retirement. A scary but real thought, I'm only 55. We are young and have many plans together into our older years! We also have 4 grandchildren and more to come.

In the last 5 years, I was trying every antioxidant juice, any miracle product, many vitamin supplements and other therapies to improve my health, all that have helped somewhat. Finally after 10 months with the help of our Infrared Sauna and our Alkaline Water System, I feel great, and have energy to spare!

I have just purchased my own alkaline water machine it's our second alkaline water ionizer System, I want to share my health story from my autobody shop. I enjoy sharing what I have leaned about this special water to help improve the health and lives of others.

"My liver enzyme counts are back to almost normal. I look forward to life everyday now and get very excited about this water and our future. Debbie and I feel the possibilities are endless... what a difference for me in just a year!"

Brian Shkuratoff
Vancouver Island, BC

Phone: 250-743-1150

Email Brian

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