Brain Injury/Stroke Jeff Walden

by Jeff Walden
(Orange County, California)


On May 2, 2004... I, Jeff Walden woke up at 4:30 in the morning with a terrible head ache. Within the hour I was admitted to Mission Hospital in a coma. I had had cerebral hemorrhage.

After 9 hours of brain surgery I remained in a coma for 2 months and then continued in an acute stage for 6 months. The options given were to put me in a nursing home or bring me home. I was brought home and my family along with a volunteer cared for me.

After 3 ½ years of progress, I had recovered enough to be moderately independent. I was in a day program for head injured adults. I was continent, cognitive, able to eat most things. I continued to work on all facets of physical and cognitive healing.

By August of 2007 the area of my skull from the surgery in 2004 had deteriorated to such a degree that I needed to have another surgery to replace the bone. Unfortunately, that surgery set me back to where I was in May of 2004 and by October 2007.

I was brought home again in the same condition of needing to learn to swallow, walk, talk and overcome the devastation of brain trauma. I started drinking Kangen Water® in June of 2008. Other than all of the other issues mentioned, I was very dehydrated. My progress since I started drinking Alkaline Ionized Water has been astounding in many ways. Some of them are:

1. Hydration. For years I had to have IV's for hydration and sometimes 2x a week. I no longer need them.

2. Elimination. After surgery 4 years ago and then again last year in August, I needed drastic support including regular enema's for elimination. Now I'm regular, no problem with elimination.

3. Acid reflex. I was taken out of the hospital in October of 2007 because the formula they had for my food tube gave me such severe acid reflex that even Acifex, a very strong medication, could not help. I had bubbles coming out of my mouth. It took until January 2008 to find the right nutritional formula and once I started drinking the Kangen water, I have had remarkable relief.

4. Countenance. My entire countenance has changed since I have been drinking ionized water. I started in June 2008 and in 4 months my skin became completely hydrated, I do not have dark circles under my eyes anymore, my hair is rich in color, the gray is disappearing, I have gained muscle and become physically stronger and those are just to name a few.

5. Cognitive Function. This area in healing for me is most remarkable considering my injury was of the brain. My cognitive skill has improved dramatically. I am much more self-assertive rather than needing to be prompted to do things.

"In addition to my health, we as a family have all benefited from owning our own Ionized Alkaline Water System."

~Jeff Waldon & Family~

Orange County, California.

Phone: 949-290-1720

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Jeff's Progress
by: Michael Kinnett

I was fortunate enough to meet Julie Walden and tell her about Kangen Water® and what it might do for her husband Jeff. Jeff's transformation has been remarkable in the past year & 1/2. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys his family and friends as they marvel over his progress.

Jeff is always the highlight of our meetings at his house as his testimonial speaks louder than words for those who have friends in similar circumstances. Bless you Walden Family.

Michael & Gaylyn Kinnett
Phone: 949-362-6500

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