by Bonnie MacKay
(Calgary, Alberta Canada)

Hi, my name is Bonnie MacKay and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I have suffered with kidney stones for 31 years now - I have at least three attacks every year and each attack seems to be worse than the one before. I have had numerous bladder infections to go along with these stones, and recently developed a kidney infection so severe that I was living on painkillers. I ran a high grade fever and was nauseous.

A wonderful friend suggested that I drink Alkaline Ionized Water, I can tell you I was so skeptical but willing to try anything as painkillers and prescription antibiotics were not working. Within two weeks, I was feeling much better and the pain was also so much better.

Four weeks later, and my pain is completely gone! I also passed a 5 mm kidney stone during this time. I cannot tell people how much better I feel, physically, mentally, emotionally.... if this happens after 1 month, I look forward to six months down the road, one year, etc.

"I feel alkaline ionized water has saved my life."

~Bonnie MacKay~

Calgary, Alberta Canada

PH: 403-720-8360


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Thyroid Medication Update
by: Bonnie MacKay

Just to add another comment to my original Kangen Water® testimonial...I just got back from the doctor today and my thyroid medication has been cut back... I am so thrilled.

I have been given such a good report for my health, I have only been on the Kangen Water® for 4 months, my health is improving everyday!

Bonnie MacKay
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Phone: 403-720-8360

More benefits after my eye required emergency surgery
by: Bonnie

Just to add something else about Kangen Water®, I recently experienced a tear in my eye and required emergency laser surgery.

I was not to do anything for a month to six weeks - no lifting, no exercise. I had to sleep sitting up in bed to try and get rid of the blood in my eye...not fun.

I decided to try and rinse the eye with strong Kangen Water® and visited the doctor a few days ago, he was amazed that I was healing so quickly... my doctor has reduced my recovery time to two weeks instead of one month to six weeks to return to my regular activities. I honestly believe Kangen Water® is helping me greatly in the healing process.

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