Chaplain Cynthia Bryant... Fibromyalgia

by Cynthia Bryant
(Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

I was on 10 medications a day. I had fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, depression and hypothyroidism. I had pain all the time. I could not get out of the bed. My husband could not touch me at all. I weighed 250lbs.

My thinking was always foggy and forgetful. I started drinking Kangen Water® and it changed my life, health and body.

My doctors put me on disability in Nov 2008. In Feb 2009 I started drinking Kangen Water®. Within a month, my health was better and I was getting well. In March 2009 I had a complete physical and all my results were normal.

I am now on one med per day. I went from a dress size 24/26 to 18/20 and counting down to a size 12. I thank God for bringing this water to my front door.

"So, now my husband David and I share and tell everybody we know and meet about this KANGEN WATER®."

Thank You

Chaplain Cynthia Bryant
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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