Chronic Pain & Muscle Fatigue
A Thing Of The Past!


Arlene Goldney

(Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada )

My husband Richard and I have been drinking Kangen Water® for 7 months now. Wow! We are amazed and thrilled at how well we both have been feeling!

I work in an office and due to my sitting most of the day, a chronic pain has occurred in my left hip over the years. We began drinking Kangen Water® in October last year, I just realized lately that my chronic pain is gone. I haven’t seen my chiropractor since January. Now, that is big, as I was visiting her every 2-3 weeks to keep my hips in line and to help ease the pain.

I also play baseball, attend exercise class and go golfing, I am finding very little muscle fatigue after these sessions. It feels great to not hurt for the next 2 days after exercise. Wow!!!

Besides that, my skin, hair, nails have drastically improved and for a person who has never slept well in her life, I am sleeping so soundly now.

My husband Richard has had trouble with his knees and did have surgery last October on one of them. Well, I’ve noticed that he is no longer taking the stairs, one at a time – he is walking up and down the stairs quite freely now.

A lot of these symptoms just gradually disappear and before you realize it, your body is feeling and acting so much better. All three of our children are drinking Kangen Water®. Our oldest son and his girlfriend now own their own Kangen Water® System and my 85 yr old mother just purchased her Kangen Water® System too, we are anxiously waiting to hear about her results from drinking this wonderful alkaline ionized water. Our youngest son is worried that when he moves away from home next year, how he will get his Kangen Water®.

"Our whole family loves drinking Kangen Water®!"

~Arlene Goldney~

Qualicum Beach,
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Phone 250-752-3061

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