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Mita DelFierrio

Mita's training calls are some of the most listened to in the
V-Team Audio Library. Please share with others what you are learning from Mita... tell us how long you have been an Enagic Distributor?

Mita's calls are fantastic... specifically what have you learned that has been helpful to your Kangen Water® Business from Straight Talk With Mita? Your comments will be a great overview for Mita and others to reflect upon.

Thanks for your great contribution and all the best with your
Kangen Water® Business !

Colleen Roberts
The V-Team Audio Library

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Oct 11, 2011
Request for a special webinar
by: Pamela Kollman

I enjoyed the 6A training you gave in Torrence however, it seemed to go so fast with not much time for Q & A. I then went on the Queen Mary to receive my $3,000 bonus, but I needed more clarification on how to earn more bonuses etc. I had dinner with different leaders and asked how it all works,for example Sonya Oakes said, "I don't know, I just get checks!" and the same thing at the CYL at Palm Desert,I always got, "you'll earn as you learn" I'd like to learn how to earn!! I'd like to understand our amazing patented compensation plan beyond 6A since 6A is only the beginning.

Anyway, I was excited when there was a training on compensation webinar recently, until I realized it was on getting paid up to 6A. Could it be possible to have a webinar training for 6A and beyond? My goal is to be 6A2 by CYL in February.

Thank you, you're awesome!


Aug 27, 2011
You Relate!
by: Linda M Lee

Thank you, Mita, for your straight talk! SO refreshing to hear from someone with whom I can relate! You have been where I now am - and it is so encouraging and refreshing! I get SO turned off by rah-rah meetings that try to get me all pumped up and excited without giving me anything to truly work with! Those meetings are like getting a JOLT soda - wired up, only to crash soon after! Your talks are down-to-earth and realistic - and I need the meat and potatoes, not the sugar roll! THANKS!

Apr 17, 2011
A word of thanks
by: Bobby

Thank you Mita

Learning from from the many leaders that Enagic has is a true blessing to those of us that is working on ways to become a leader. Your words has been a light to guide me thus far. The Kangen water has truly changed my day to day life. After over 34 years of hurting I've found the blessing of a life without the daily pain . Now I'm looking forward to spreading this news with others.

Mar 19, 2011
Thank-you Mita!
by: Balibir

Thank you very much Mita.Last Saturday call was awesome. I needed this kind of training badly.
My approach was wrong altogether. I was giving away
the water but not setting any guidelines. I have lost 6-7 seven people because of my wrong approach.

Thanks again and God Bless You.

Mar 16, 2011
Getting a yes
by: Anonymous

I have been giving water to a lot of people for about 6 months. I have asked them do you like the water?

Answer is yes. How do I get them to commit to buying a machine, without sounding like a sales person?

Jan 28, 2011
Thanks , Ready Set Go & Drip Request
by: Anonymous


I am a newcomer and your calls are just the ticket. I love the clarity and the specifics in each case and the models. I would appreciate a copy of Ready, Set Go and also the Daily Drip form. Many thanks and blessings on your journey.


Jan 26, 2011
A Special Sunday Evening Call
by: Connie Ebinger

Mita, Thank you so much for this great story. I don't naturally think like a business person so it is very helpful to 'be around' and listen to people that do so I can learn. You do talk straight, which is refreshing.

Thank you Mita for taking the time you spend on these calls. Bless you for your desire to help others. I am a new distributor. I bought my SD501 in late October, have been sharing water with family and with some work associates. No sales yet.

I particularly liked the info about not wasting time/energy pushing the machines on people and will put your suggestions to use immediately. All for now. Thanks again.

Connie Ebinger (Tauschers are my 6As)

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