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<FONT COLOR=#22316c><h3>AJ Krause and Family</h3></font>

AJ Krause and Family

AJ is an outstanding Network Marketing Professional. AJ explains why he left another company after many years to build an Enagic business.

AJ shares tremendous advice on his Tuesday Night Training Calls. He offers a wealth of practical information on how he builds his
Kangen Water® Business.

Feel free to share your thoughts, your comments will be a great overview for AJ and others to reflect upon.

Thanks for your great contribution and all the best with your
Kangen Water® Business in 2011!

Colleen Roberts
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Sep 02, 2019
awesmoe NEW
by: Anonymous

Awesome discussion.

Oct 16, 2015
huffingtonpost NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 07, 2015
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by: Daniel

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Jul 25, 2015
Education NEW
by: John

It is deligthful to read this post and i get many useful point through this post. Please keep posting such kind of post brook hill.

Feb 24, 2012
Clinical Studies/John Swindle Sales Plan
by: Lynn Mikelatos

I have loved your calls and have seen you at Enagic events. Being from Texas, I love your accent. You have down to earth techniques that make a lot of sense to me. I would love to get on your email list and am particularly interested in your Clinical Studies list and the Sales Plan by John Swindle. I am a 4A restaurant owner in Ventura, CA

Oct 30, 2011
by: Bob Silva

AJ,,,,I just want to thank you for your help ,and tell you that you are a very good speaker and i wish I was in your downline,and by the way Im going to try what you say about the gold neckles on the 9.5 that sounds pretty good,,,,do you know that a you put a long leg spider on regular water the spider will walk on the water? ,,but not on kangen water 9.5,,,,NOT ON KANGEN WATER, it will sink,,any way Mr AJ thank you so much,best wishes for you and your family,,,,plms 39:29.

Oct 05, 2011
the 1 page handout and powerpoint
by: Anonymous

Similarly, want to know if your 1 page handout and powerpoint are
available... Got to move it forward and miles to go before we sleep..
Thanks, JM

Aug 29, 2011
1 page hand out you mentioned on the call
by: Frank

AJ could you please send me the 1 page hand out that you mentioned on last weeks call that the gentlemen gives to his clients. Thanks for your help.


Aug 03, 2011
power point
by: Anonymous

AJ can we buy your new power point?


Feb 06, 2011
21 day water study
by: Pam Pellegrino

Hi, AJ,
Thank you so much for posting your calls. I listened to the call with Shane Williamson and I was wondering if he would share his manual with the rest of us, or is it something we can purchase. I love his idea! Also in his materials, he mentions direct mail and local print advertising. Since Enagic forbids this type of advertising, how does he get around that? Thank you for your response.

Feb 04, 2011
Great industrial cleaner - 11.5
by: Bob Prows

Fun stuff. Shane always is trying new stuff. Isn't that great that ya'll will share with the rest of us. Love your experience is marketing. Please send 21 pages to It is great to have this vast library of audio's.
Talking about 11.5 cleaner. Sold industrial chemical cleaner for years. Demo'd 11.5 on bread oven while hot. Need to reapply because the water evaporates quickly because of the hot oven. Use scrub pad and course towel for fastest results. Use 11.5 in restrooms first and then spray surfaces with 2.5 to sanitize.

Feb 02, 2011
Thank you AJ!
by: Tim Lehr

Thank you AJ for last night's call I just listened to it on V Team.
Could you email me Shane's 21 page project.

I was sponsored by Jim Rabb, you may know him.
Thank you again

Tim Lehr

Jan 04, 2011
5A - any minute!!
by: Debbie Shkuratoff

I love the calls with AJ... He covers so many topics with fantastic answers and ideas.. It is obvious he is a professional in Network Marketing.. He really knows how to see right through a problem, objective, or situation. AJ is quick to give positive answers, and resolve objections.

I have had the pleasure of meeting AJ in Vancouver at our first Super Saturday back in Sept 2010 as well as some 3 way training calls. He's a great leader to connect with and I am very happy to have him as an upline leader that I can call on. He is fantastic, I found the training to be very helpful in many ways. Thank you AJ for all you do!

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