Congested Heart Failure
and Lymes Disease


Susan Gingerich
(Stockton, Missouri USA)

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Paul & Susan Gingerich

My husband Paul got Lyme's disease in 2004, so we struggled in finding a solution to combat this. With lots of Cardiologist appointments and Medication plus some Glyconutients we did gain some, but more amazing was when we found the magic a certain alkaline ionized water!

What happened is, his heart valves were causing the biggest problem. We were given some alkaline water information then purchased our machine. But Paul was not a water drinker, so some things had to change to get the results we were looking for.

One day his oxygen level was 76, that's when I got desperate to get a prescription for it. I called our Dr. friend, who knew we had an Alkaline Water System. The doctor said to give him the 9.5 ph water from the water machine.

"What happened as a result of drinking the ionized alkaline water was amazing! His level was 76, and went to 96 in a very short time!"

He felt so different and to me looked so much better too. He drank three full glasses of ionized water. It's so rewarding to see the health benefits of this water! Now we are sharing the water with others too.

"Yes, Paul is drinking lot's of alkaline ionized water now and actually going back to work!!!"

Susan & Paul Gingerich
Stockton, Missouri USA

Phone: (417) 876-5554
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