Doctor Said I Had Arthritis And Needed Knee Replacement Surgery

by AJ Krause
(Mobile, Alabama)

<FONT COLOR=#800000><b>AJ & Caroline Krause With Their Six Children</b></FONT>

AJ & Caroline Krause With Their Six Children

For 31 years I have had a very successful career in the health and fitness industry. I have received hundreds of phone calls introducing me to different health products.

And as typical, the third approach I received about this Kangen Water® I decided to sit down and listen. She was an RN and he was a medical doctor. They made a lot of sense but I reserved my opinion as I was still waiting for information to study and read.

After all these years how could I have missed all of the research on the benefits of the ionized, alkaline, restructured mineral charged water?

Then two heavy boxes arrived at our home
with bottles of water. Caroline and I laughed-out-loud that someone would spend $40 in shipping us alkaline bottled water, as if we were going to drink this bottled ionized water and notice a difference! But we made a commitment to only drink the Kangen Water® until it was gone.

Caroline had struggled with constipation for 30 years. She inherited this from her grandmother and mother. The second day of drinking the alkalized water she came to me with very positive results. I also started to notice my knees were not hurting as bad.

I was a competitive athlete through high school and college. I was a gymnast and played football. After college I played rugby and handball. Starting about age 45 I noticed my knees would hurt and forced me to quit my two sports. And every year they would hurt more and more to the point I was always limping from the knee pain. The bad knee pain caused my personality to change... I was irritable and had little desire to exercise or walk to the store or church. I was probably somewhat depressed because athletics was such a major part of my daily life.

The doctor said I had arthritis and had worn out my meniscus and other cartilage and would need knee replacements. He did repair surgery on both knees... I only believed it made things worse. I was forced to quit my typical daily exercise to less strenuous activities because of my knees. I was taking very expensive shots every six months that did seem to help, but I could not run. I was also taking some very strong pain medication in the evenings and over the years it became all day long. My knees at night would ache terribly and would keep my wife up.

After a couple of days my wife noticed that I was not having pain at night. But I would not give the credit to the alkaline bottled water, even though the very day I ran out of the Kangen Water® my knee pain came back and Caroline's constipation returned. She was convinced but I was still under the belief that it was a coincidence. I requested that some more Kangen Water® be sent to me. I had a UPS account and was happy to pay the shipping.

We received another batch of ionized alkaline water. In 24 hours I would drink 1 gallon of the water and my knee pain was cut in half and Caroline's bowels returned to optimum. When we again ran out of bottled alkaline water my pain came back but I still refuse to buy the Kangen Water® system!

I requested the alkaline drinking water a third time and
for the third time the pain went away!

Yes, I gladly bought a Kangen alkaline water machine!

We have noticed a whole host of health benefits from drinking Kangen ionized alkaline water. My first three sons have graduated from high school, all received athletic scholarships for college. My fourth son suffered from migraines and it looked like he would not be able to earn a scholarship. I never expected the Kangen Water® to help his migraines but he came to me and told me that he was not suffering as many and the duration was shorter and not as painful.

When it was suggested to me, could it be the alkaline water? We had him drink a gallon a day and sure enough his migraines headaches were gone! His migraine medication was $29 a pill. He averaged about three a week for the last 10 years. Taylor drinks Kangen Water® and just completed his junior year on the State Championship track team of which he was given All-State honors. Lord willing he will earn a scholarship also.

I still cannot run but I rarely ever have pain and it is only after a lot of exercise that it may hurt and it's very minimal.

The double knee replacement that was scheduled was canceled.

One of my sons is a linebacker at Navy. Another son is a NCAA decathlete and my daughter is now the number one pole vaulter in the state of Alabama and ranked 15th in the nation. She is only a high school freshman and yes they all drink ionized Kangen Water®. The Kangen Water® System has saved us tens of thousands of dollars and given our family a high quality of life.

I personally believe the Kangen Alkaline Water Machine is
"The Greatest Health Product In The World."
The Krause family is absolutely sold on Kangen Water®!

~AJ Krause & Family~
Mobile, Alabama USA

Phone: (251) 460-4601

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