Dr. Rob and Tanya Rosborough

by Tanya Rosborough - Vancouver Island
(Cobble Hill, BC., Canada )

In July 2009 we were introduced to "Alkaline Ionized Water" and although skeptical at first we soon discovered amazing results with this water, not only with our own family but with Rob's patients as well.

My husband, Dr. Rob Rosborough B.Sc, D.Ac, D.C. is a local Chiropractor here in Cobble Hill, B.C., he understands how important it is to have your body properly balanced in all aspects to achieve TRUE health.

It didn't take long to realize why this water is so special. Within days of drinking Ionized Alkaline Water we both realized that we had more energy and we were sleeping better. Within weeks I realized my one sensitive tooth I had was no longer affected by hot or cold. My skin started to look healthier, my nails stronger and my hair was shinier. We both could workout harder and longer at the gym with the recovery time cut in half.

All this was great but the best was yet to come for me, within a month my eyes reverted back to my old prescription and I can no longer wear my current glasses. The prescription is just too strong for me. It was then when my husband and I decided to purchase an Alkaline Water Machine. We just could not see ourselves or our family going back to drinking regular water.

Since getting our ionized water machine our lives have been quite transformed.

"We are living healthier, happier lives and feel very privileged to be able to help others experience the same."

~Tanya Rosborough~

Cobble Hill,
Vancouver Island, BC
Phone: (250)701-3261

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Water still working?
by: ritaAnonymous

Is the water still working for you and would you still recommend purchasing one?

10K RUN - I must be crazy!
by: Tanya Rosborough

Well I did it, I signed Rob and I up for the Times Colonist 10k run. As I get the conformation email I can't help think, "What have I done!"
Let's get one thing straight, although we live a decently healthy lifestyle, we are not runners.

I use the treadmill at the gym to warm up not to run and my husband avoids it altogether. He is a mountain biker.

Why are we doing this? To prove to ourselves that we can do it! So as I run on the treadmill and reach the 3k mark and feel my side cramp up I ask myself again, "Why am I doing this? I must be crazy! How am I ever going to reach my goal to do 10k in under an hour?"

That is when I take a big drink of Kangen Water, my cramp literally disappears instantly and I tell myself, "This is how I'm going to do it-with my Kangen Water!

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