Dry Eye, Sinus Congestion & Constipation Gone!


David Battaglia

(Portland, Oregon)

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David Battaglia

My first 18 years of intense second hand smoke, lead me to consistent hay fever, rhinitis, allergy to cats, cigarettes and dust. In July 2009, after 6 months of drinking Kangen Water®, I woke up amazed at one difference.

"I woke up breathing clearly from my nose, and having NO residual congestion in my sinuses or throat."

I experienced constant, clear, open, nasal breathing - the original way to filter dust etc., the way we are made to breathe. I am awed at the deep hydration in my entire body I've experienced with Kangen Water®. No more dandruff, itchy legs, dry lips or 2 week-long colds in the winter; no more nosebleeds or unquenchable thirst in summer; no more soreness from lactic acid after a workout.

In 2004, I had 4 surgeries for a detached retina, and was advised that I would be “sensitive to the environment”. By experience, I found out it was painful to walk in the warm summer breezes, and highly irritating to be a passenger in a car when the defroster was running in the winter months. I used eye drops morning, night and during the day when in most stores shopping, in front of or under any fan or forced air in any space.

"By September 2009, I recognized that I was able to open my eyes without any need to use drops."

I keep a blue bottle of 24 ounces of Kangen Water® next to my bed. One or two sips during the night, and 15 to 18 oz. before getting up for the day, without touching or rubbing my eyes! Another near quart mixed with powdered greens is taken with daily vitamins, and my digestive juices are ready for breakfast.

Also, after 50 years of constipation, stress induced hemorrhoids, and some bleeding, My movements are smooth and hydrated. No strain because of clean, smooth colon walls after drinking Kangen Water®. I am 57 and my first 5 years were ‘uncongested’ and the past 2 years have been clear and clean.

"I’m convinced my future holds a promise of clear arteries, veins and capillaries - all the plumbing-head to toe."

~David Battaglia~

Portland Oregon
Phone: (503) 939-1261

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Cheers To Your Great Health!
by: Nancy Ferrari

Thank you for sharing your testimony and I will most definitely share it with others who suffer from the same ailments. Kangen Water® changed my life as well, as you can read in my testimonial within this website, and I will never be far from my incredible alkaline Kangen Water®!

All The Best, Nancy

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