Eyesight Improved & Reduced Thyroid Meds


Jan Shimano

(Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada)

<FONT COLOR=#990033><h3>I Feel Healthier Than When I Was 40</h3></FONT><P>

I Feel Healthier Than When I Was 40

I have been involved in the health field for over 40 years and was District Manager for Health & Welfare Canada. I also ran my own business as a Nutritional Consultant, a Master Herbalist and an Iridologist.

I am a two time survivor of cancer. My first was with malignant melanoma and more recently, approximately 5 years ago, I got thyroid cancer and had to have my entire thyroid removed.

I had suffered with an under-active thyroid for about 30 years before getting the cancer and so was on some replacement medication.

I was introduced to Kangen Water® by a dear friend of mine in California. It took me six months of research before I was convinced that I had to have Kangen Water System. I never even had a trial period with drinking Kangen Water®. I purchased my machine just 6 months ago.

The first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping much better. Before, I would constantly wake up with pains in my hips and would have to be changing my sleeping positions all the time. I am now also experiencing much more energy. I used to have to have a nap every afternoon, but I don't know when I last had a nap.
My IBS is all but non-existent now.

Over the last few months I have been complaining to my husband that my sight wasn't very good with my glasses on. First of all I thought that I needed a stronger prescription, but when I put on an old 10 - 15 yr. old pair of glasses, I could see perfectly with them.

I recently had my eyes examined and was thrilled to learn that my eyesight had dramatically improved. For a person my age (66) that's quite amazing. I don't fully understand the numbers, but the eye doctor said I have gone from a 4 back all the way down to a 2.5.

I can actually also sit at my computer and work for 8 - 10 hours a day. I do take short breaks, naturally.

Back to my thyroid... I have reduced my medication at least twice and now actually take only a little more than when I still had a thyroid. Naturally, I have had blood work to verify that my T4, T3 and TSH are where they should be. I don't recommend making changes with your meds. without discussing it with your physician.

"My passion is to help as many people as possible to improve and then to maintain their health. It's my opinion that nothing can make a change faster in your health, than drinking Kangen Water®."

Jan Shimano
Health & Wellness Advocate
Chemainus, British Columbia

Phone: 250-246-3490

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Me Too!
by: Colleen

Okay, you got me with this article. The eye doctor hit a wall of confusion with the way he was seeing my eyes during the exam. He connected it to the thyroid (mine was removed totally about 40 years ago).

I take my temperature in the morning and I self-medicate with T-100 and Symplex F. I did not like synthroid, but it is a no-brainer in one sense, just an incomplete resolution of the problem of not having a thyroid.

I am a bit confused at what the real a.m. basal temperature should be.

It is very encouraging to hear that your condition actually improved. Email me at cygnifique@gmail.com if you think you can help me with any further information, thank you.

Simply fabulous...
by: Rhonda Patterson

I love it! Congrats to you both. Great site.

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