For Flowers and Kangen Freddie

by Betty Ayearst
(Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)

I received a dozen pale yellow roses at Christmas time ? I re-cut the stems, then arranged them in a vase filled with 9.5 PH alkaline water. The following year 2010 - more than 2 weeks later I thought it was time to throw them out. If Freddie my bird had not been pecking at the tops of the roses, they still would have looked great. Almost 3 weeks later they were still a delicate, pale yellow with strong, straight stems and perky heads. I was amazed!

I now have mini carnations in a vase (no bird attacks) and they are into their 4th week with a water change once a week ? they love the 9.5 as do my house plants.

By the way our bird Freddie loves the water too. Freddie just loves to perch on the alkaline waterline and drink his alkaline ionized water fresh from our Ionized Water System. Freddie has been drinking ionized water since we brought him home as very young bird.

"You can see how vivid, healthy and active Freddie is."

Alex, Kangen Freddie and Grandpa

~Betty Ayearst~

Cowichan Bay,
Vancouver Island, BC

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