Gillian Hunt - Energy to Spare!

by Gillian Hunt
(Cobble Hill, BC)

Personally I’m forever skeptical when it comes to products or devices that promise cures for everything from psoriasis to cancer to toe fungus. So when I was first introduced to ionized alkaline water about a year ago this was the first thing that came into my mind – just another so called “cure all” that probably isn’t bad but certainly isn’t going to make much of a difference either.

When Debbie at Reiki Wellness first purchased her alkaline water system last summer she said I could fill up my water jugs whenever I wanted to take home. I was spending probably 7 or 8 dollars on Reverse Osmosis Water, as it was, at the grocery store every week so I figured, why not? I had the mindset that “water is water”, though, so I certainly wasn’t expecting much, if anything.

For me, it was a gradual change where suddenly I noticed I didn’t have that slump in the afternoon, I was sleeping better and had fewer episodes of my IBS flare ups. Then my blood test came back and I found out I needed to cut back my Thyroid medicationI had been slowly having to INCREASE the past few years; Three months later the same thing – I needed to still go down another level!

It wasn’t until I forgot to fill up my jugs before a long weekend that I realized there was something to the water. After going back to the Reverse Osmosis Water for 1 week I found I was dragging myself through the afternoon, not sleeping well and had horrible intestinal spasms that I had almost all but forgotten about. As soon as I started back to only consuming Alkaline Ionized Water I was happy to return to my state of more energy and better overall well being.

There was no question that I needed my own alkaline water system and wouldn’t think of drinking anything other than a high grade of ionized water ever again.

~Gillian Hunt~

Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, BC
PH:# 250-743-9091

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