Hot Flashes, Stress, Headaches, Low Energy, Lactic Acid Build Up from Workouts, Slow Blood Circulation... GONE!!


Valerie Taylor

(Atlanta, Georgia)

<P><br><FONT COLOR=DarkBlue><center><h3><B>~Valerie Taylor's Kangen Water® Experience ~</B></h3></center></FONT>

~Valerie Taylor's Kangen Water® Experience ~

I found Kangen Water® in August of 09 when my daughter was drinking the water to help her heal faster after a bad bicycle accident. A friend brought some Kangen Water® over for her to try. The Kangen Water® was in the house and it was free so I decided to drink it as well.

My attention was focused on my daughter and if the water was helping her to heal because she was due to play in a big upcoming tennis tournament. I wasn't paying any attention to myself and any of my own results.

I had been struggling with menopause symptoms, primarily hot flashes for several months... having about 30 hot flashes a day. I had been working with my chiropractor with some all natural supplements but was only seeing mild results.

"I don't believe in taking drugs or doing any of the hormone replacement therapy."

One evening, about a week after starting to drink Kangen Water®, as I crawled into bed and I realized that I had not a hot flash in several days. I laid awake much of that night trying to figure out what I had changed and the only thing I could think of was the water.

A friend of mine said, "You know the only way you will know for sure is to stop drinking the water."

So I stopped drinking the Kangen Water®, and within 2 days the hot flashes came back. So I knew it was the ionized alkaline water. I bought my Leveluk SD501 on September 1st of 2009 because of the hot flashes disappearing, but now I see new health changes weekly.

I also work out a lot with some pretty hard and intense workouts and my muscles were always sore. I noticed that my muscle soreness from the lactic acid build-up after working out was now gone. I can now workout intensely and for hours, I never feel that soreness anymore. Well, maybe a little bit, but nothing like before.

Also with my workouts when I used to do the Plyometrics workout from P90X my knees would get very sore, now I can finish that whole workout and my knees are fine, no pain at all. Having NO joint pain is an incredible feeling.

"I feel like a teenager again."

All of the stress that I used to always carry in my shoulders is gone entirely. My chiropractor was always adjusting my shoulders because of the stress there. I now rarely need to see my chiropractor at all!

There are other smaller results as well, like softer, smoother skin, my feet are not dry and cracking now. The dryness I had begun to experience on my legs due to what I believed to be getting older is now all gone. My skin is all soft and smooth again. The attention and focus in my brain is much clearer.

I can focus on one task and follow it all the way through without stopping and getting too terribly distracted. I could never do that before.

My energy level is off the charts and my gums are healthier too. I now go all day long and with enough energy to keep up with my teenagers.

More recently in late February of 2010, I was sitting on the couch one night about 9 or 10 pm, I began to get a very bad case of acid reflux. It was then that I remembered I had drank less than 16 oz. of water the whole day. It was just one of those days that I was busy and didn't have my normal container of Kangen Water® beside me all day as usual. I went immediately to my Kangen Water® System and filled up a 32 oz. container of 9.5 and began drinking.

"As I was drinking the water I could feel the pain and constriction in my chest just gradually leave me. By the time I had finished about 16 oz. the pain was entirely gone."

In the past when I had acid reflux it would always get worse when I laid down but on that night my acid reflux never came back. In thinking back on it, I think my body was just dehydrated and as I drank the water it flushed the hydration back through my system. It was just amazing to actually feel it working by the minute.

Then here just last night, I was on my way out the door and my son was sitting in the recliner and he was clutching his chest. He said, "Mom, I think this is heartburn," and he described the pain to me. Sure enough, it was acid reflux or heartburn. He got up and got about 20 ounces of Kangen Water® and drank it down immediately.

He walked around to the other side of the counter and felt his chest. He said, "I think it's gone now". A few minutes later he announced that it was definitely gone, when his dad got home he announced that his mom had fixed his heartburn with Kangen Water®,

He described the feeling of the heartburn releasing from his body and I said "Yep" that's the same thing I experienced. So I know it's not just me!

I used to get a lot of headaches and continually got chiropractic adjustments for them as I don't like to take any medication. Since I've been drinking Kangen Water®, I've noticed that I rarely get a headache. A few weeks ago I woke up one morning with a horrible headache on one side of my head.

"Again, I realized that I had not drank much water the day before."

I didn't take any medication but instead got up and got a 32 oz. container of Kangen Water®, and took it back to bed with me. I drank about 16 oz, and went back to sleep and woke up about an hour later. The headache was entirely gone. Again, my hydration level must have been very low.

I now pay very close attention to my body, I now notice anytime that I'm not feeling quite well that it always has to do with not drinking enough Kangen Water®, that day or the day before.

Again, here's something I discovered just a few days ago. My 16 year old daughter is a tournament tennis player. Because we live in the south, they are virtually able to play tennis year round outside. Yes, sometimes it's brutally cold but they still practice and play in temps all the way down into the 20's.

For the last 3+ years every winter she has struggled in the very cold temps and when the wind is blowing on her hands. They get very red and swollen, to the point that she can't close her knuckles. We had been told that this is a circulation problem. The other kids on the courts do not struggle with this problem.

Last Thursday night, she was playing a high school tennis match in temps in the low 30's and the wind blowing horribly bringing the wind chill into the 20's. In the past this would have made her hands miserable.

"I did notice while she was playing that she didn't seem to be complaining about her hands as she did in the past.

When she came off the courts I asked her, how her hands were feeling and she said she had not even thought about them! They were cold but they were not red or swollen. She has always eaten a healthy diet and the only thing that has changed in her life is as far as nutrition is her water. She drinks Kangen Water® exclusively. We are crediting Kangen Water® with the change in the circulation in her hands. She is on no drugs or medications of any kind.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for bringing this special water into my life. I am SO grateful for Kangen Water®

~Valerie Taylor~

Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 678-642-3650

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I don't need my chiroprator all the time anymore
by: Anonymous

Last week my chiropractor's office called to see if I wanted to make an appointment. I used to be in that office at least once a week because everything was sore all the time, especially from stress in my shoulders. I asked the receptionist to please look at when the last time I was there was. It had been 3 months since I had been in for a visit. I just don't have ANY of the aches and pains that I used to have. That is incredible to me!

Acid Reflux
by: Valerie Taylor

I have a few new Acid Reflux stories. The first one is one I myself experienced.

Late one evening I was sitting in my bedroom working on my laptap when my chest started to tighten up. Immediately I recognized that it was Acid Reflux. It was then that I realized that I had drank less than 20 ounces of Kangen Water during that whole day. I immediately ran downstairs to my kitchen and poured myself a large glass of Kangen Water. I started drinking it straight down immediately and as I was drinking the pain started to lighten up. The more water I drank the lighter the pain got. Within about 30-40 oz. of water the chest pain was gone entirely. I thought the pain might come back when I laid down in my bed to sleep but it didn't. I never felt the chest pain again the rest of the night.

Then just a few days later when I came downstairs my son was sitting in the recliner clutching his chest. He said "Mom, I've got heartburn". I told him to go get a big glass of Kangen Water, so he did and he experienced the same thing I did. Within about 5 minutes his chest pain was also gone. He was pretty excited.

One day I was at the ING Marathon Expo where I was showing Kangen Water. I met a lady at my booth and while we were talking she told me she had Acid Reflux right then so I gave her a big glass of Kangen Water and again, almost immediately she had relief from her own Acid Reflux.

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