I Can Pass Up Chocolate Bars

by Gail Tahmasebi - Vancouver Island
(Shawnigan Lake, B.C., Canada)

It's been 10 months since I purchased my Alkaline Water Machine. I've been enjoying the Ionized Water and the Alkaline Water Benefits. For me there have been several improvements.

The first one I noticed, is it has taken away my craving for sweets. I can pass up chocolate bars for the first time in my life. I now eat when I'm hungry, not just because it's in front of me.

My skin is much softer as well. I use the beauty water from the Alkaline Water System to wash my face.

The alkaline Water Ionizer has helped me eat my food without adding salt. The best health benefit I've received from drinking ionized water, is that I feel I am completely satisfied nutritionally. I have always ate healthy food and understood the benefits of drinking water daily. However, what I didn't realize that the water was not properly hydrating me. The Alkaline Ionized Water is high in anti-oxidants, fully alkaline, as well as micro-clustered... I feel it's healing my body.

Several of my family and friends have received some great results drinking the alkaline water. Everyone should experience the health benefits that a alkaline water machine can provide. My decision to purchase an Alkaline Water Machine was a good decision.

~Gail Tahmasebi~

Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island
Phone: 250-920-9225

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