Ionized Water Has Changed Our Lives!


Nancy and John Milos

(South Surrey - British Columbia, Canada)

We were introduced to alkaline, ionized water in May of 2009 when our chiropractor, Carlos Lapena, invited us to see a demonstration. We were impressed with what we saw but wanted to try the water ourselves. I had arthritis in one finger and that may not sound like much but I couldn't bend it and it always hurt... I just lived with it.

"Two days after starting on the alkaline water
I noticed the pain was gone"

Two weeks later I realized I didn't have any acid reflux, something I'd been suffering with for many years. My headaches disappeared too. We purchased our own Alkaline Water System a couple of months later and have never, ever regretted it.

One day I slipped and sprained my ankle badly. It was very painful, on that first day I had to have assistance to get around. I was upset about this as I'd sprained an ankle in the past and had to reduce my activities for days. I'm active and hate to stay sitting down for long! Well, I couldn't believe it but on the second day nearly all my pain was gone and I was able to stand on my ankle. By the third day it was like nothing had happened.

My husband, John, has a remarkable story.

He had a serious fall in 2000 and injured his ankle very badly. He had surgery and two years of physiotherapy but was always in pain. Since he had torn every ligament around his ankle he had very little stability in it and it would collapse under him at any given moment.

He had to stop many activities he had formerly loved like hiking, running, even walking on the beach because of its uneven surface. He walked with a limp. He had to change jobs and we moved to a different city so he could work in a more suitable environment but the pain never went away.

" Well, we are so happy to tell you that after about ten months of drinking ionized water he is totally pain free and has been so for several months now."

John is beginning to enjoy many of the activities he thought he would never be able to do again and his limp is gone!

We have both experienced better sleep, more energy and a sense of calmness. For me, this is a wonderful thing as I was always quite an anxious person. John has a stressful job and this water enables him to stay calm through the more challenging moments.

Both our dogs drink alkaline, ionized water too. and no longer have the knee problems that are typical of their Yorkshire terrier breed. They no longer take glucosamine, instead they drink ionized, micro-clustered water.

We no longer purchase the cleaning products we used to as we now use our Kangen Water System to make either 11.5 pH water or 2.5 pH water for all our cleaning needs. We sanitize the kitchen and bathroom with it, clean our fruits and veggies, clean our floors and do our laundry with this wonderful water knowing we aren't using any chemicals in our home.

I use the 5.5 pH beauty water as a toner and as a hair conditioner. It works! We have also used it on cuts and scrapes and burns. We heal so quickly. We use the 2.5 pH electrolized water to gargle with if we get sore throats and as a mouthwash.

"I take a small spray bottle of 2.5 pH acidic water with me in my purse and spray it on my hands rather than using anti-bacterial alcohol-based washes."

Our consciences are clear as we no longer contribute to the plastic water bottle problem either, we just pour our own alkaline water into a container and go.

"Our lives have truly changed thanks to our alkaline water machine. We are so pleased to share our knowledge and experiences with others."

~Nancy and John Milos~

South Surrey - British Columbia

PH: 604-542-2282

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I Can Run Again!
by: Nancy Milos

I had a very uncomfortable problem with my ears called tinnitus, which meant that my ears rang constantly. I am happy to tell you that after drinking Kangen Water® for nine months the tinnitus is completely gone.

Also, as a result of an adult vaccine almost thirty years ago I lost a great deal of the flexibility in both my knees. Now after ten months drinking Kangen Water® I noticed the flexibility coming back, my knees didn't hurt when I bent them.

I am now able to run which is something I never dreamed I would be able to do again. Wow! Thanks Kangen water®!

Nancy Milos
Surrey, BC
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