I've been able to control and
reverse my diabetes


Dave Severson

(Minnesota, USA )

I have had diabetes since 1992 and though it was easy to control early on, over the last 4-5 years it has proven much more difficult to maintain good blood sugar control. I have now been on the alkaline ionized for a little over a year and find that this water is providing a foundation for helping me control my blood sugars in a more normal range.

The reason restructured water is important is... Type 2 diabetes develops slowly over time, and can create serious problems as time passes, it becomes harder to control.

"I participated in the Accord Diabetes Study and found that the Medical community response was to try to control the diabetes, by increasing the medications that you need to take."

My objective has been to reverse the diabetes, alkaline ionized water is the foundational product that will help me accomplish that goal.

Because Diabetes is a progressive disease, it is vitally important that we stop it from progressing, otherwise our options are limited as to how we can maintain a quality lifestyle.

I am very grateful for being told about alkaline water and finding out how beneficial it is for people like myself who have Type 2 Diabetes.

"I welcome your questions and want to share information with others interested in learning how I am slowing the progression of Type 2 Diabetes."

~Dave Severson~

Minnesota, USA
Phone 651-336-7172

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reverse my diabetes

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How it works?
by: George

Hi Dave,

Can you give me more info on this and where I can buy it from in Australia?

Thanks and Regards,

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