Joe Perri, Calgary
Alberta, Canada

RE/MAX Real Estate
(Mountain View)

by Joe Perri
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I appreciate your time in visiting me on my website. I enjoy helping people.........period! Some real estate professionals prefer to list homes rather than work with buyers. Some prefer the opposite. For me, it does not matter.

I'm happily married to Betty, we have four children (3 daughters and 1 son) and one granddaughter (yes she is a "treasure")

Whether you are looking to invest, move up, downsize, 1st time buyer or going through difficult times, I have the time and patience to help.

I can be contacted by:

(Cell) 403-880-1766

(Bus) 403-247-5171
#222, 4625 Varsity Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T3A 0Z9

Comments for Joe Perri, Calgary
Alberta, Canada

RE/MAX Real Estate
(Mountain View)

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Thank You Joe!
by: Gina Rino, RAc, BSc

I recently purchased my first home and you were the most accommodating, helpful individual. I am so grateful that you were on my side.

At one point you asked me if I was stressed, and I thought, ?why would I be stressed when you are my Realtor!?

You were professional in all your interactions and always had in mind what was best for me and my investment.

Thank you, Joe.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Neil Ericson

Denise and I are more than happy with the service we received from Joe when we were looking for a house. We really enjoyed having him as our real estate professional and would recommend him to anyone. December 6, 2009

Testimonial for Joe
by: Rachel Kielly

Joe is very detail oriented, and leaves no stone unturned. Integrity is only one of a large list of great business and personable qualities. Sincerely, Rachel Kielly

Testimonial for Joe
by: Gordon Symington

I have known Joe for many years, he is and was always professional, and a team leader. Thoughtful and loyal. I would welcome the opportunity to have Joe on my team anytime.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Angie Imler

Joe has great integrity as a real estate professional. He is totally dedicated to his job and his clients. I would highly recommend Joe, if you are considering buying or selling.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Blair Cashin

All of my dealings with Joe Perri have shown that he is very knowledgeable and professional. June 5, 2009

Testimonial for Joe
by: Rudy Saliba

Joe's interpersonal and communication skills allow him to develop productive working relationships with both clients and the staff of an organization. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Jeff Kahane

Kahane Law Office
Joe has always been very conscientious and service oriented with respect to any client of his whom we have dealt with. Personally, he is pleasant to deal with and really goes the distance for his clients. Joe is very well informed and has the skills to represent his clients well. June 4, 2009

Testimonial for Joe
by: Jeremy Jagodzinski

In my opinion, the personality of an individual speaks volumes as to the motivations and values that they incorporate into their dealings. Joe has this "personality" and I respect his honesty. I find it refreshing to meet a real estate professional whose honesty is genuine. His focus concerning all transactions in question, was ensuring the client was completely satisfied. I never witnessed any aggressive attitude, tactics or coaxing that lead the clients to close.

From our conversations, I can safely say that Joe believes that when the focus remains on customer satisfaction, the success will follow. I will surely employ Joe in the future when looking for a new house and I will rest easy that he is using all the 'tools' at his disposal to find a place that is right for me, not his wallet.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Jay Weeks

Joe Perri is a true gentleman to do business with. Joe has the ability to discover the needs of his clients and adjust his business direction to meet those needs. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none. He is honest, hard working and will go the extra mile for his clients and friends alike. I strongly recommend Joe Perri to help you with any of your real state needs, you will not be disappointed.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Mark Lewis

As a Real Estate Agent Joe was excellent. He was very informative, professional & personable. He was patient, not pushy. We like that. We were never a bother with our questions- he always had time for our questions/doubts.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Goran Buconjic

Over the past year that I have known Joe, I have always found him to be very professional in his business dealings. Joe always seeks to improve his service as a Realtor and doesn't hesitate to explore new opportunities. I would recommend Joe without hesitation.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Derek Pontin

Joe continues to provide us with excellent assistance in respect of our home search. We will certainly use his service and expertise in the future, and can confidently recommend him to anyone.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Sonya Wiebe

Joe was great when I called him for advice selling my home, he walked me through the ins and outs and how to best show it off for buyers. October 25, 2009

Testimonial for Joe
by: Ray Yenkana

I recently met Joe at a training workshop in Calgary. I was immediately impressed with his desire to learn and improve . I believe that learners will inherit the world. Personal development is the secret to success in the service of our clients. I know if you are looking for a Realtor in Joe's area you will be well served Keep up the great work. Ray. October 25, 2009

Personal challenges? You are not alone.
by: Joe Perri

Most people throughout their lives will experience setbacks whether they relate to careers, relationships, illness and death. Like most people, I have also experienced some of these and can relate to my clients that are having troubles right now. I understand and I can make your selling and/or buying process less stressful for you. Call me at 403 880-1766 to set up an appointment to discuss your particular situation.

Testimonial for Joe
by: Morag MacLellan

Joe is a smart, sensitive guy, with great integrity. He works hard and has a creative approach in his dealings with people. Joe is a real people person. October 24, 2009

Testimonial for Joe
by: Peter Smit

Joe is one the hardest working, ethical, competent colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Always positive, inspiring and just a great guy. What more can I say? If you have an opportunity to work alongside him, you will be taken care of very well and professionally. October 23, 2009

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