Molecular Hydration

by Camille Wood
(Sun Valley, Idaho)

I have been drinking Ionized Alkaline Water for 7 months and have been reaping the benefits of it...increased energy, better sleep, increase in athletic stamina, decreased recovery time, healthier hair, skin and nails. I just have a better sense of well-being.

But the thing I wanted to share was that recently I came down with a cold, a pretty bad one that has been going around town. I had the cold for two days and it wasn't too bad and I was drinking a gallon of Alkaline Ionized Water a day, trying to kick the cold.

Well on the third day by the afternoon I was feeling so exhausted and feeling worse, I pushed through the day drinking my gallon, I increased my consumption of the ionized water a little more maybe three more 8 ounce glasses.

I went to bed feeling a little better, but by morning my cold was completely gone and as I am writing this I feel completely normal, no stuffy head, no headache, no tiredness. Amazing!

"the investment we made in an alkaline water system has been so valuable to myself and my family, I would not give it up for a million dollars!!"

~Camille Wood~

Sunvalley, Idaho

Ph. 208-721-7707

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Symptoms of dis-ease is not the enemy
by: Marcia Nedd-Smith

We just have to remember that on the road to recovery we may feel worse. We must be courageous. Suppressing the symptoms of dis-ease is not the answer.

I've Had The Same Experience Camille
by: Colleen Roberts

I am so prone to pneumonia every year.. high fevers, weeks of being sick and exhausted. Always needing often more than one Anti-biotic. I wondered how I would do on the water this year... I actually thought I would not get sick at all as my Kangen Water has improved my health so much.

But I didn't get that lucky... I got a cold and it was looking a little nasty as usual. I did just what you said Camille, I increased my Kangen Water and now three days later I'm on my way to the gym to work-out!!!

While I was sick just for a couple days it was very manageable and I had no problems sleeping, no fever and no DRUGS! I'm thrilled... I am almost completely symptom free. What a blessing our Kangen Water Machine is in our home. Thanks for your timely tip Camille.

Colleen Roberts
Vancouver Island, Canada

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