Motorcycle Accident Resulting
In Serious Brain Injury


Sally Cameron

(Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

<FONT COLOR=#000099><h3>Sally (behind) with her Mother and Sisters</h3></FONT>

Sally (behind) with her Mother and Sisters

I had moved to Vancouver Island, BC as a result of one of those "Life changing moments". I had a very serious motorcycle accident resulting in a serious brain injury, and multiple body injuries. My husband had passed away so here I was with my newly purchased Vancouver Island home to run on my own with a water well.

The "well" was the start of something one could never quite imagine! Colleen came into my life just by chance to help me. She fixed all the water issues and always had the time to listen to my stories of my dithering brain. I have permanent vertigo and a lot of what seems to be something like a brain fog.

"This is like having a brain that never
lets you know what is going on"

Then one day Colleen was in a car accident. I would hear only bits and pieces of what was happening from her work partner. It wasn't going well.

Nearly 4 years after her accident, one day out of the blue Colleen called... very excited! "Sally I have some water that I think will help make you better, I'm bringing it right over to you! One can only say with a long pause, maybe she knows something about water that I don't. Hmmmm

That was the day Kangen Water® entered my life, Colleen ran back and forth bringing me Kangen Water®.

"I must say life has since changed dramatically".

My thinking is clear and refreshed, the pain in my whole body has almost disappeared I feel like I'm 20 again, (But really I'm 65 this year). I to was so excited at what was happening... it's almost too good to be true.

I then started giving Kangen Water® to my Mother who is 94 this year full of arthritis, blind from macular degeneration and generally not feeling well at all. Mom is drinking about 6-7 glasses of Kangen Water® per day and using the Beauty water on her face. She sleeps well and is pretty sharp and looks pretty good.

Then my older sister who has skin cancer began drinking Kangen Water® with her husband who has prostate cancer... my sister has not had a recurrence of any cancer her husband has had nothing but good news from his Dr.

My third sister who has suffered with eczema all her life has also now come under the famous Kangen Water® care. Almost all of the sores have healed and disappeared.

It has been "Life Changing Moment For All Of Us"
I personally am so happy that Colleen came into my life; things would not be what are for us today.

~Sally Cameron~

Ladysmith, Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 250-732-3259

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