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Kangen Freddie Loves His Kangen Water®!

There are just so many great applications and uses for all the Kangen Waters®! I'm constantly amazed by my own discoveries... so let's take a moment to share our stories with each other.

Whether it cooking, cleaning, horticulture, pets, beauty, etc. with the various Kangen Waters® others will be most facinated to learn what you have discovered about Kangen Water® Uses or other tips you might wish to share!

Please remember, this is not a forum for posting
Personal Health Testimonials... thank-you!

Thanks for your great contribution and all the best with your
Kangen Water® Business in 2011!

Colleen Roberts
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Tinnitus vanished with 9.5 Kangen Water
by: Anonymous

I had internal ear noises 24/7 for almost 4 years.
Starting drinking 8.5 Kangen and continuous with 9.5 my tinnitus was gone in 5 days. Amazing...
Thank you micro-cluster benefit from Kangen Water!

Contact Lenses and Shaving
by: Jan Moore Boyer

My contact lenses are 16 months old! Yes, disposables I used to throw away every 6 weeks.

I clean and store them with 11.5 and contact lens cleaning drops, then disinfect the case and lenses once or twice/week with 2.5ph.

No more expense of saline and the weekly drops ~ that's a huge savings!! My lenses and eyes are clearer than they have been since 1978 when I first started with contacts.

The guys in my family are shaving with 11.5, getting the smoothest, longest lasting shaves and no cuts or abrasions! No more toxic shave cream!

A Lifetime With Horses
by: Carmen Kramer

Interesting results:

7yr old pony had a fingernail size lesion above her right eye for over 1 ½ years. I had tried many veterinary, over the counter and natural remedies without results. The last product I tried actually looked like it burned the area and caused it to double in size. I was devastated. A friend of mine gave me 2.5pH water and 11.5pH Kangen Water® to try.

After 2 weeks of 2.5pH Kangen Water® used topically 2x daily the skin was looking more "alive". At 3 weeks I was noticing a very slight "fuz" of hair growth. At this point I also used 11.5pH Kangen Water® occasionally. At 4 weeks approximately 90% of the hair had grown back. By 2 months there was no visible lesion.

A few months later the same pony popped a "splint". I used 11.5pH water 2x daily on a cloth applied to the leg. Within 3 days there was a noticeable decrease in heat, by the 6th day the splint was cool.

7 yr old TB x warmblood mare popped a splint (before I had my SD501). I iced the leg 2x daily , after 4 days there was no change in temperature of the splint. Once I got my machine I used 11.5pH Kangen Water® 2x daily, after 3 days I noticed cooling, 5 days later the splint was cool. On day 12 the splint was not sensitive to pressure, on day 14 she was back to light work. This was 2 weeks sooner than the time off from previous 2 splints she had.

12 yr old DWB gelding with very large wind puffs on his back fetlocks. (jumper/equitation show horse)

After 3-4 days on the 8.5pH water I first noticed his front legs had really tightened up, very similar to what a healthy young race horse leg would look like. But when I looked at his back legs I was even more amazed, his hind wind puffs were ½ the size! Within the next 4 days the hind wind puffs had shrunk to ¼ of what they had been for the last 6 years. This horse had had huge wind puffs since he was 6 or 7 years old. I have owned him since he was 4yrs old and had worked with him since he was a foal.

He absolutely loves his Kangen Water and waits for it as I fill his 5 gal. bucket at night, by morning it is empty.

Carmen Kramer

A little acid water electrocuting and whitening tip
by: Leilani

I brush my teeth and swallow a small amount of 2.5 and it whitens the teeth. The small amount is just enough to get into the saliva and take off the yellow for the day. Just by eating, my teeth turn yellow every day. I do this after dinner and first thing in the morning. It settles my stomach just enough to stimulate not enough for a drink. About a spoonful.

The brown specks in my blue green eyes are getting lighter. I see the purity and straight lines of the color of eyes and less brown that ever before. Forty years ago, eye lines were wavy and legions everywhere. My skin has had break outs for 18 years. I'm hoping this daily acid bath will wipe out what pathogen is in the system. I'm counting 20 days to electrocute it all with the acid water and sleeping on it as it cleans internally all night.

My House Plants & Kangen Water®
by: Colleen Roberts

My house plants have always been very important and well cared for... so much so that when I was using bottled water that was all my plants would have too and they were quite healty looking. Now I know why... the bottled water was quite acidic and the plants seemed to like that.

Now that I have my SD501, most of the house plants are on beauty water and the results have been astonishing! My prayer plant sits in the entrance of our home... I don't know how many times someone has come in and pointed to the plant and asked if the play is real! It really is quite remarkable to see how well plants thrive on the beauty water.

I do find my Aloe Vera does much better on 8.5 Kangen Water®. If you are unsure about a plant then you may want to Google the plant, you will easily find out if the plant prefers acidic or alkaline conditions and it would be best to water accordingly.

Cleaning and Cooking with Kangen Water®
by: Debbie Shkuratoff

I must say I am still amazed when I clean my food with the 11.5 strong alkaline water at what comes off. You will see the residue after just a few minutes. We use organic and are careful about our food choices.

This weekend I was making soups, salads, I also cooked a roastbeef, and various other meals as we had company. I cleaned the meat as well, I left it for 5 minutes in the 11.5, rinsed and left for 10-20 minutes in 9.5 PH Kangen Water®. The meat was so tenderized, everyone made comments about the meals on how tender and tasty everything was.

Cooking with Kangen Water® really holds the taste, the freshness and the color. Even though it takes a few extra minutes, it's well worth it!

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