Reiki Master-Teacher & Wellness Practitioner

by Debbie Shkutatoff
(Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, BC)

I was first introduced to Alkaline Water Machines back in 2008, I tried some alkaline ionized water for a few weeks and could really feel the charge.

I felt increased energy and a buzz so to speak - I loved the clear, clean taste, my body craved the Ionized Water Did I want a alkaline water system? Yes, however I couldn't wrap my head around the price... So I stopped drinking the water.

A year went by, my husband and I both own our own business's and the effects of long hours at work, naturally aging, daily stress began to take it's toll. We were tired, did not feel well and had no energy, I thought I had better look into finding someone with a Water Ionizer and start drinking the ionized water again.

The next day I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a long while, she asked me if I'd heard of Ionized Alkaline Water Systems? Well, the rest is history - two weeks back on the water, I noticed my nails getting firmer, my skin softening, no heart burn and increased energy. I knew I had to get my own water machine, no matter what the price! It was worth every penny. That was July of 2009.

Since then my eyes are much clearer, vision has improved, my health has improved, better digestion, regular bowels, clearer thinking, losing weight and I take hardly any supplements now, I feel completely hydrated.

The same for my husband, he runs a auto-body shop, so he's exposed to many toxins. Scary what he has ingested over the years. He's now feeling fabulous, has so much energy, and starting to jog or ride his mountain bike on the weekends again.

I am so thankful for these alkaline water machines, and to my friend who shared her water with me. It gave me a second chance to realize the amazing benefits of alkaline ionized alkaline water and what it can really do for your body.

I now share water with other people and watch as their health improves, as well as my grandchildren.

~Debbie Shkutatoff~

Health Advocate
Vancouver Island BC


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