Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Now Off All Pain Medications!



(Pensacola, Florida, USA)

I began experiencing neurological symptoms in August of 1994 and a few years later was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. I have suffered with fatigue, pain, spasticity, depression, and other related symptoms.

I continued to work while the disease took a slow down-ward trend, each year it became harder to complete a full day of work. In 2007, I had to reduce my hours. In 2009 I started falling while at work which led to losing my job March 13, 2009.

During the next nine months I spent the majority of time in bed and my depression became worse. I began to shake and jerk from the severity of spasticity, which caused me to start using a cane to get around. I was up to eight muscle relaxers and eight pain pills a day to help control the symptoms. My doctor now insists that I need a roller walker and that my diagnoses has changed to a progressive state of multiple sclerosis.

In November 2009, a friend who was suffering from cancer called and told me about Kangen Water® and how good he was feeling despite everything he was going through. He told me his energy level had gone through the roof and that he did not need to take a daily nap.

While very skeptical, I finally decided to try the Kangen Water® in January 2010 and started driving fifty miles round trip every third day to get water and by the second week I thought I was noticing a change in my energy. But I still I was not convinced. I continued to drink the water and continued to feel as if I was getting my energy back.

I decided to clean some tomatoes with the Kangen Water® 11.5 PH and visually saw the pesticides being removed and the difference in taste was night and day! I was now convinced that this water was special and began to research the Kangen Water® finding that many people have been having miraculous results for decades with this water.

I have now been on Kangen Water® for eleven weeks, my shaking and jerking has completely subsided My energy level has also gone through the roof, no naps and my sleeping habits has gone from 12-14 hours per night down to 7-9, I am off all of pain medication and muscle relaxers.

"I'm riding 9 miles on my bicycle almost every day, and I'm just about ready to throw the cane away."

March 2010

Pensacola FL, USA

Phone: 250-732-3259

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Now Off All Pain Medications!

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I too have MS
by: Stephanie

I too have MS, same type. Are you on any other meds? Aren't you worried that the water may interfere with their therapeutic effect? I was taking Tysabri, it made me so weak I stopped exercising. My family wants me to go back on the med and try the Kangen Water® to see if it takes away the side effects. What do you think?


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