Seasonal Allergies Gone After 25 Years and Arthritic Pain Significantly Reduced


Patricia & Dr. Carlos Lapena

(White Rock, British Columbia, Canada)

My husband Carlos and I share a clinic in White Rock, BC... Carlos has been a Chiropractor for 24 years and I've been doing Live Blood Analysis since I became an Holistic Nutritionist about 4 years ago.

When we were first introduced to Kangen Water®, we were actually looking to get a home water filter system. But considering the cost of a Kangen Water System, it was quickly dismissed as an option that we were going to explore. When we realized it was so much more than a water filtration system, we took a closer look... and so happy that we did!

In January, 2009, we started going and getting the Kangen Water® from a friend and began drinking the ionized alkaline water. After a couple of days, the first thing we both noticed was our energy levels increasing. I had always been someone who crashed in the afternoon and then got my second wind in the evening. So when I wasn't looking to have a nap anymore, I took note.

For two weeks, we did research about the water, and yes, we found all the web sites about the snake oil and the competitors comparisons, which all compared themselves to Enagic's Kangen Water System. It was after reading all the information we could, and noticing the changes in our own bodies, that we decided to buy the Enagic Leveluk SD501.

It was Carlos who had the first amazing result and that was for the first time in 25 years, he did not get one symptom from the seasonal allergies. Last year was one of the worse years for allergies, because we had such a long winter, I guess the spring pollens came fast and furious. So we knew that Carlos's immune system was stronger and the only thing different was the Kangen Water®. In fact, he has not been sick once since we started on the ionized alkaline water, he always would get a couple of colds every year on top of his allergies.

For myself, it took about 6 weeks when I first realized that my lower back arthritic pain was not as bad. I have suffered with pain, 24/7 for the past 8 years since training for a triathlon brought about back pain so bad that I got x-rays to find the problem. I had a hairline fracture at the L5-S1 vertebrae that was degenerated and calcified.

Basically the bottom of my spine, top of my pelvis was almost bone on bone. Carlos could tell by looking at the x-rays that this was a very old fracture. What I remembered from my childhood was falling down a flight of stairs onto the basement cement floor when I was about 9 years old, but I never got my back checked out at that time.

Well that ended my running for exercise, and I had to be very careful with any aerobic type of exercise after that. Standing in one spot for any length of time was the worse for me, but I had to watch my posture all the time, how I sat in chairs, what chair to sit in etc. So when I started noticing how I could go up a flight of stairs or stand a bit longer without the pain like before, I was very excited.

I'm probably 80% of the time without pain now, what an incredible difference, I have even joined a gym again and no longer need the once or twice a week adjustment from my husband.

Another amazing thing for me was my feet - every summer I live in flip flop sandals, rarely would I put a pair of shoes on - and the heels on my feet would crack so bad that they would bleed. I always had a bandage on somewhere with Vaseline or some other goop to heal the cracks, and this past summer, my feet were great. I still have the lines on my heels where the cracks have been for years, but all of my skin is softer now since drinking the water.

The one thing that has changed as well, that I have become so grateful for is that I sleep through the night now. Before the water, I would get up in the night, usually only once, but I would go to the washroom and then go back to sleep. I didn't realize how much that bothered me until I started sleeping solid through the night. You'd think with the amount of water I drink now, I would have to get up more times in the night!! Haha

With all the different waters that our Kangen Water System produces, "I cannot imagine living without our Kangen Water®."

We do our laundry, clean the bathrooms, water our plants, cook with it, spray our skin, rinse after a shower, gargle sore throats away for the kids, relieve the itch from mosquito bites, disinfect and clean our food, there are so many uses, Kangen Water® is not just for drinking.

The most amazing part about this water is, our patients and clients that come through our clinic that try the water for themselves and come back reporting amazing results.

Compared to every supplement that is out on the market that I've tried, and I have tried many many different products out there, the Kangen Water® has been the one thing that has made the most dramatic and effective change for everyone I know, myself and family included.

We truly would not live without Kangen Water® it was worth every single penny we paid for it!!

~Patricia and Dr. Carlos Lapena~

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 604-536-7009

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