The Benefits Of This Great Tasting and Nourishing Water


Candice Wright

(Vancouver Island , B.C. Canada)

I'm a healthy and fit 54 year old. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle, esp. around nutrition. Unfortunately for the last 14 years I have had a rare symptom with just my right eye, (severe swelling sometimes the whole socket.)

I have over these years been to every Dr. and Specialist, both western and eastern medicine. It became clear that it was systemic. To keep a long story short, I will just say that since I have been on Alkaline Ionized Water the past 3 months I seem to have cleared the problem with my eye.

I'm forever grateful to Tanya and Dr. Rob Rosborough from Cobble Hill for turning me on to this healing water . Tanya is so passionate about it as I am and when she speaks of it she speaks my language! She is so well informed and is quick to help out and answer any questions put to her.

I've always felt that water was paramount and was careful about what I drank. Now I have found the water that is not only delicious but very nourishing! After years of trying so many different treatments this to date has shown me that my symptoms have ceased. Now that is a first!

My family and friends are impressed as well. Also I'm very impressed with the all benefits of the acid water as well the high alkaline water to clean my veggies and fruit which is so essential.

"I'm about to leave for a month with out the water so it will be interesting to see how I do without my Kangen Water."

~Candace Wright~

Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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My Return From The North & To Kangen Water®
by: Candice Wright

I decided to wait until I updated here as I wanted to see how my health would be, being back on the Kangen Water®.

I will say that within a matter of a couple of days up north and being off the alkalized water all my old symptoms returned! Within the month I had 3 episode with my right eye swelling again, which was even more than usual!

I also noticed that my skin and hair started to feel dry and brittle. Yes, the water was OVER treated up north and very hard. No doubt out walking each day in all that cold cold air would contribute as well. Even with all this, I did have the most wonderful time with my daughter and 6 month old Grand-daughter!:~)

Now having been home and back on Kangen Water® for a few weeks the symptoms with my right eye have not returned, and my skin and hair glow again. I can only put it down to Kangen Water®. When I was in the north I made an even stronger point of staying very close to a clean light diet and to continue to exercise as I knew it would make a difference for me while I was without this healing water. Yet I continued to get the old symptoms. Not to mention how much I missed the delicious taste of the Kangen Alkalized Water!

My daughter is living in this very small one horse town in the far reaches of North Eastern B.C., they can only get bottled R.O.( dead water ) to drink. I did take liquid chlorophyll with me to add to the reverse osmosis water.

It's wonderful to have my healthy life back! I can go out and enjoy a meal with friends and not worry about having a swollen eye over the following few days. It pleases me to say that my daughter and family will be moving back to the island in the autumn, to a healthier environment for them as well.

"I can only hope that by drinking Kangen Water® for a good long time I'll be able to rid myself of these symptoms all together! And that by living this example our children will see the Kangen alkaline water benefits too."

~Candice Wright~

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