The Blessings Of Alkaline Ionized Water


Nancy Ferrari

(Orange County, California, USA)

<FONT COLOR=#000066><b>Waterfully Happy!</b></font>

Waterfully Happy!

It's amazing to think back to my mindset 2 years ago when I was told "it's all about the water" and not knowing what my friend was referring to. She was sharing her love of Ionized water and once she gave me my first 5 gallon container of 8.5 pH Alkalized Water, I knew I had to have more.

Not having the extra funds to buy an Enagic SD501 water system (and also knew that it would take time to convince my husband that a $4,000 unit would make a difference). I kept asking for the the from my friend.

Within one month, I weaned off Prilosec that I had been taking for 12 years due to GERD, better known as severe acid reflux.

Other aspects of my health began to slowly improve and once we bought our unit a year ago, we're all about the water now! My husband loves it and knows it has improved his health as he struggled with the after-effects of knee surgery, which pains are now a thing of the past.

Whenever I travel, my stomach reminds me within one day that it needs ionized water, it's difficult to be too far away from my Alkaline Water System.

I encourage anyone who is considering the investment, to think of the value and also consider it your health insurance package. I save a good deal of money as I don't buy cleaning products anymore, nor do I buy any sort of bottled water. Think of the many other savings!

It honestly is true when you,
"Change Your Water, You Change Your Life".

Cheers To Great Health,

~Nancy Ferrari~
Orange County, California

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