Use A Dowser And A Dry Hole



(NANOOSE BAY, Vancouver Island, Canada)

One of my very first deals in Real Estate was a client who had decided to buy rural land and build their own home... so I listed their existing home and we started to hunt for land.

We found a property and they said, "lets buy it". They were a young couple with not a lot of cash so I made sure that we put in the contract a "subject to" clause of finding a "potable water supply".

They called a local well driller before hiring a water dowser. I think they though dowsing was a scam! The well driller drilled 3 dry holes before giving up.

After the deal collapsed I hired a dowser just to see what it was all about. I found an older gentleman (turns out he was almost 80!) who had been dowsing the area for many many years. He walked the property for 2 days and he said, "If there is water anywhere here, I'm a monkey's uncle".

To this day that piece of land is still empty without a house.... the owners must disclose that 3 dry holes have been drilled, so no one wants to purchase it. The buyers would have saved the cost of drilling the dry holes (fortunately the driller did not make them pay for the 3rd one) and he only went to about 80 ft and then stopped.

This dowser found many good wells after that for me before he stopped doing it due to his advanced age. So I am a firm believer in water well dowsing.

~Trish Widdershoven~ TeamW

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