Vancouver Island Fitness Trainer
Gets Enormous Relieve
From Hip Pain and Knee Pain


Kevin Coyle

(Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada)

For more than 10 years I was plagued with elbow and knee pain. I knew there was something that wasn't right in my diet and it was preventing me from experiencing the health I felt I deserved. I worked out regularly and ate a balanced diet.

Then in the past 2-3 years I even started to experience intense hip pain, being a full-time trainer this caused a great deal of discomfort and jeopardized my ability to earn my living.

"I also felt my mental clarity was running at 40 to 50% at best and my eye sight was deteriorating to the point I needed glasses to read."

At 48 years of age this in most cases is the norm but I felt with the effort I was putting into maintaining my health I was not getting the results I should.

Becoming so discouraged with this chain of events I decided after 20 plus years of being in the fitness industry to pack it in and work with people a different way. I have been a fitness and nutrition consultant for over 20 years, I've spent a massive amount of time researching and figuring out the most practical way of impacting people's health in a positive manner.

"I realized my success rate was very low with the methods I was using to help people improve their health, although everything was correct I discovered I was completely missing the most important piece of the puzzle."

I discovered Kangen Water® through a colleague, after drinking this alkaline ionized water for only two months I have found the joint pain I suffered from for years has basically disappeared! I'm back to doing a far more normal training regime which caused me a lot of pain in the past. I've also noticed that I no longer need those cheater glasses for smaller type. My mental clarity is definitely improving as my body becomes hydrated. Kangen Water® is is greatly rejuvenating my body and my life.

What I have found even more rewarding is the results I have seen with other people who I've shared the Kangen alkaline ionized water with. It's an incredibly powerful yet basic way of improving your health with almost no effort!

"I feel I can impact so many more lives by sharing Kangen Water... nothing else in all my years of working in the health and fitness industry has even come close in my opinion."

Kevin Coyle
Vancouver Island

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