Very Happy, Healthy Great Grandmother


Jean Vantreight
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

<FONT COLOR=#663366><b>Mrs. Jean Vantreight, Victoria, BC</b></FONT>

Mrs. Jean Vantreight, Victoria, BC

I have been drinking alkaline ionized water for nearly six months and have noticed a considerable lessening of my arthritic pain. I'm 86 years young and have been afflicted for over forty years with this arthritis, especially in my hands. Normally I have to fill a basin of hot water every morning and flex my fingers MANY times in it, in order to be able to brush my hair or my teeth or to get dressed. Not so now.

I was especially pleased and pleasantly surprised that the pain in my badly arthritic knee was reduced from an 8 to a 2 in less than three months because I was drinking this anti-oxidant water regularly.

I had carpal tunnel surgery years ago on one hand. I have been on the waiting list to get the other hand done. The numbness and discomfort I was getting in it these past years was waking me up at night. I was wanting to get the other hand done as soon as possible.

Another special treat came to me last month, when the surgeon who was supposed to do the carpal tunnel surgery, called to say they could now schedule me for next month.

"I started laughing! He didn't understand. The pain, and numbness that I had been experiencing was completely gone. I had not missed it, of course. However, I just politely told him that since I have been drinking alkaline water, I don't have any of the symptoms anymore."

I'm very thankful. I strongly recommend ionized water!

~Jean Vantreight~
Victoria, British Columbia

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