Were my eyes ever opened... Mother of four sons


Marianne Greer

(Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA )

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The Greer Family

Two years ago, I had a very sick son who had to take a medical leave of absence from Georgia Tech. When he came home from college, we took him to doctor after doctor trying to find out what was wrong with him. We weren't getting any answers. A friend suggested we try a certain alkaline ionized water.

"At the time, I thought it was ridiculous that something as simple as water could help my son when a myriad of doctors weren't helping him."

However, in my desperation to find help for my son I was willing to try the alkaline water. I made a commitment to going two to three days a week to pick-up alkaline, ionized water and made sure my son knew how much he needed to drink. After just a month, my son came to me and said he hadn't felt this good in three years and that his health was finally restored. Not only was he no longer sick, he was able to work out at the gym doing double work outs!

I completely resonated with what he said because I started to drink the ionized water as well. Since I was already making the effort to collect it, I thought I might as well drink it even though I didn't think I had any health concerns.

"Wow! Were my eyes ever opened! My energy level shot through the roof, I no longer need naps, my left shoulder pain went away, I lost 2 pant sizes, my mental outlook improved, I sleep better than I have in years and my skin COMPLETELY changed (it is so much softer now)."

~Marianne Greer~
Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

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