Alkaline Water Machines
Are Wonderful Additions to The Kitchen!

Alkaline Water Machines were something that had never been discussed in our home, in fact we had never discussed the benefits of drinking water at all let alone alkaline water benefits!

Over a year ago I was struggling with a number of health issues including extremely painful knees, a good friend of ours is a Groundwater Consultant here on Vancouver Island. Colleen was over one day and looked at me and told me that I needed to change my water. She had also been badly injured in a car accident and had been in chronic pain for a few years until she purchased an Alkaline Water System and began experiencing the benefits of alkaline water.

Colleen's recovery was quite astounding; she's a huge advocate of Alkaline Water Machines which has led her to doing an enormous amount of research on the subject. When she first suggested that I change my water I was not at all convinced that an alkaline water system was worth the investment, I knew that Colleen is very credible and she certainly does her research but I still was not convinced.

She suggested that I go to her house and take fresh water every couple of days from her Alkaline Water Machine... this went on for about two weeks, within that time I was completely convinced that we also needed a water system on out home. I immediately experienced weight loss and to this day my knees are pain free!

Because Colleen had done such extensive research we purchased the same unit that she had without question, she had shared a lot of information with us prior to purchasing the unit. We were grateful she had done all the research ahead of us as I would have likely purchased the cheapest alkaline water system on the internet and we now know that would have been a huge mistake

We had no idea that our alkaline water machine would become our most prized possession in our home; it's used many times a day. We have found the uses for the water to be endless, especially in the kitchen for food prep and cleaning, including the removal of herbicides and pesticides from our produce. Our plants thrive on the water, we have eliminated nearly all cleaning products that we use to purchase and the water is probably the best thing I have ever seen for anti-aging, I take a warm gallon into the shower with me every morning for my final rinse, it's really been a life changing product for our family

We still speak with Colleen often and she continues to send us great information once in a while. While speaking to her the other day I asked her if she could put together a package of information for our readers about Alkaline Water Machines and the Benefits of Alkaline Water