V-Team Business Builders
Audio Library

The V-Team Business Builders Audio page is an outstanding business building tool. When I began my Enagic business just over a year ago there was no training here on Vancouver Island and very little throughout the rest of Canada. I began to listen to as many training calls as I possibly could find... the results have been outstanding.

I have learned to build my Enagic business by consistently listening and learning from the many wonderful Enagic leaders who have so freely shared their pearls of wisdom with us.

I'll post a brief description with each audio file, please listen to as many of these calls as you possibly can.

"Without a doubt I know each of you can build yourself to a 6A position with Enagic by listening to these wonderful leaders and audio trainings. All it takes is a little consistent action. This is how I learned to build my Enagic business on an island in British Columbia part-time."

I will continue to post the training calls as they're of little value sitting in an audio vault, never to be heard again! I'm also going to do a few other interesting interviews but I'll share the details with you a little later... we are real close to doing doing this! In the meantime you've got plenty to do here right now. There are many calls yet to be added, this libary will continue to grow but there is not one audio in the library that is too old to listen to. Enjoy!

"All the best to you my
Enagic Friends and V-Team Partners
I hope you step-up to the plate and build an incredible life for yourself and your loved ones with Enagic! Enagic truly is a rare opportunity and the window will not be as wide open as it is today indefinately"

Please note, the V-Team Audio Library sign-up and password form is now to the right on this page... I know that some of you may be tempted to email me to let me know that the form has moved but please hold the emails, because I know it's moved and the system is still exactly the same as before. I do work on continuous improvements so the system runs better over time.

There are nearly one thousand distributors using the system now...
I do confirm that everyone is actually a distributor as I look at every new form for security reasons, if I am unsure I get on the phone and confirm that you are indeed a distributor. Please know there's no way that I can answer all emails, there are too many!

There's only one way to ensure an email from me at perhaps 3:00 am and that's when I am often going through the forms and discover the odd person (3-4%) who does not seem to have the energy to fill out all the required information on the form... instead they use XXX's etc. I send out only one notice and the next notice will ban your ISP from any access at all.

The security is in place to protect this material and the future of it for all distributors, so that we don't have people in the system who should not be in the system... we do not want other companies listening to our training information! I don't neither... so we to use passwords.

I'm so happy to do this work for the Enagic family but I hope you understand that I need you to do your part too. If you absolutely do not have the energy to fill out the form properly then you likely do not need this audio library as you will not have the energy that it takes to built a business anyway. Sorry, but I really needed to be clear on this, as this problem is increasing with the large number of members we have, I do this work alone often between midnight and 3:00 am, I do not have anyone doing HTML for me.

"My mission is to help as many distributors with this excellent training as possible... I want each of you to succeed! You are welcome to invite your downline here... the stronger we become as individuals the stronger Enagic will become as a company and that will be what it takes to become a truly global company!"


Colleen Roberts 6A
Groundwater Consultant,
Vancouver Island, BC