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I love to study Referral and Business Networking Techniques. I've been passionate about the subject most of my adult life... it's importance was taught to me by a very successful Uncle. I'm an relentless seeker of knowledge and personal improvement... If I'm to succeed in business I need to constantly be learning as business is all about change. If we're not growing we're dying... we need to keep moving forward and not get stuck in old ways that are not serving us.

Don't allow a bad economy to be your excuse for your failure in business. This is not the time to crawling under our beds and sucking our thumbs while listening to Dr. Phil and the CNN. Instead make it your opportunity to improve on your Referral and Business Networking Techniques

As a Groundwater Consultant I'm in frequent contact with Realtors from all over North America. The conversations that I'm having with Realtors regarding today's market are most intriguing with a very clear pattern.

How are some Realtors consistently writing several
deals a month in this economic down-turn?

There are Realtors who are putting together six, eight or more deals every month and it's just March 2009.... then there's the other end of the spectrum... Realtors who have hardly written any business if any at all since January. Some have not even written one deal yet this year. They've become paralyzed by fear, they're not focused on anything but "this horrible economy" while the successful Realtors "Absolutely Refuse to Participate in the Recession" In fact the successful Realtors love this market... some gleefully call it, "The Culling Of The Herd!"

While their competition remain in a depressed state... hiding behind the donuts in the office wondering how they're going to stay alive. Instead the successful Realtors are out there beating the bushes hard - networking with their contacts, generating plenty of referrals which will keep their Real Estate practices alive and healthy during these challenging economic times.

While Realtors may play in the same arena there's often huge differences between them. The most important being their

"Relationship and Business Networking Abilities"

When I ask a successful Realtor if they have a business referral system in place, they often do. Most others, usually don't have a system and their thinking towards people is seems to be very transactional as opposed to relational based.

I also was a licensed Realtor for over a decade... right through a deep recession in the 80's. I've remained in the industry but as Groundwater and Water Well Consultant for the past 15 years. I've paid out a King's ransom for Yellow Pages, Advertising etc. I found myself exhausted just trying to keep all the bills paid. I had taken little time to really apply any Business Networking Techniques let alone enjoy a life outside of my business with my family. You know how it is - we are just too darn busy! Suddenly, one day not too long ago I was presented with a situation...

It suddenly caused me to remember what I had been taught

by Uncle George who was a very successful rags to riches story in the insurance business, he was a much loved man in the community. This man was brilliant... people still fondly remember my Uncle because of his extraordinary Business Networking Abilities.

I made one very simple change on how I was was approaching my network of contacts and clients... it was easy and it was exactly as my Uncle had done over twenty-five years ago.

Unfortunately I had never followed his advice very well, I was kind of hit and miss with my own marketing as I never had a system... just to busy to do what was most important. The system I use has created some major "RESULTS", and has completely changed the way that I need to do business, my Uncle would have loved it as he did this manually.

As of 2009 I no longer pay for advertising including the dreaded News Paper and Yellow Pages. Locally I'm working nearly all on referrals, I'm not out there following up on the time wasting calls. I have so much more free time, but more importantly I'm able to invest my extra time into growing my business even larger. I've learned to only focus on a few income producing activities rather than the many trivial activities that use to eat-up-my- day.

I listened to a career altering interview the other night...

It's a rare interview. It was done in honor of "Referral Week." The top 3 leaders within the Relationship / Referral Marketing field were interviewed all together... taking the time to explain what we need to consider is today's economy. I've listened to this one hour interview several times, it's the best information that I've heard on the subject to date. I've been passed this out interview link to a few Realtors and followed-up with a phone call, just for a little fun...

Not surprisingly nearly all the top producers took time to listen to the archived interview right away. Top producers in any field thrive on learning and always lead the industry with new ideas, that's just their mindset and the rest wait and try to follow.

However most of the other tire kickers had not taken the time to listen to this remarkable interview. They've had the link for several days and had every excuse why they have not had the time to learn how they could improve their business... they all sound the same, they are just to busy not making any money! It's free for them and they they don't even have to leave home. No wonder North America can no longer compete!

I think these results were predictable... it's the old 80/20 rule and it seems to always apply. Our futures are our own responsibilities, we need to take lots of action in these current economic conditions, this is not the time to become a passive penny-pincher. No one is going to come along and sprinkle fairy dust all over us.

You see... it takes very little to rise above your competition because most people will not take any action at all! They'll just keep on handing out calendars, racking up expensive seminar costs on their lines-of-credit and paying for more expensive advertising every year, then wonder why they're receiving so few referrals and commission checks.

We must improve our Business Networking Techniques... Always remember, "Referrals are King" especially in these economic times it's the best way to leverage yourself. Everyone else is going to have to figure out how to spend a lot more money on advertising or just "Take Down Their Shingle." I wish you the very best my friend in 2010... decide to make it your best year ever!

Link or MP3 file of "Business Networking Techniques" interview.

The intention of this site is not to offer legal advice but general information based on my 15 years of experience working in the field. If you have any questions please feel free to Email Colleen

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