Was Drinking Bottled Water Destroying My Health?

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This has been a difficult truth for me to accept, if you're drinking Bottled Water you may be interested in knowing about my experience with bottled water. I've done my fair share of ranting on this site... but I also need to admit, I don't have all the answers and things don't always work out as well as I expect. I'm often seeking the right answers and truth just like everyone else.

For many years I've encouraged a lot of people to consider drinking bottled water, that's what I drank for a very long time... maybe 12-15 years.

I know that tap water vs bottled water is now fiercely debated. We now have a gazillion people drinking bottled water... tap water by many of us would be considered toxic, often for good reason. Raw water untreated may not be a wise decision either. The money is huge bottled water that's why so much money is dumped into marketing and now as a result we are trucking costly bottled drinking water around the country. It's insane, there's no justifying bottled water with exception to some circumstances!

People seem addicted to Drinking Bottled Water and without seriously considering why we've rapidly becoming such an unhealthy nation. The craze of bottled water has become a National obsession. Most of us would never consider smoking or knowingly consume other toxic chemicals... so why are we so sure that drinking acid water out of Plastic Bottles manufactured with petrochemicals is not equally as harmful to our health?

Providing Bottled Water To Our Community

Several years ago I discovered people were paying as much as $8 a bottle for bottled water delivery. We did the math and decided we could build a local water store, construct a reverse osmosis treatment / processing plant allowing people to bring their own water bottles in to fill for $3 a bottle. For the locals Drinking Bottled Water the store was quickly a hit!

I sold my half of the bottled water store shortly after we had opened it, as the business was taking too much time from my Groundwater Consulting work. Even after selling I continued to be involved in monitoring the water quality of the bottled water from the store. I had tremendous faith in the water system, I felt I was drinking the very best water available... if I traveled I always took enough water with me, I would not touch any other water. The water processing plant was nicely built, we were proud of what we had created for our community. The system has been operated with the utmost of care. That was never an issue, which is why I trusted it for my family's drinking water.

A Life Altering Event

Late in 2005 my life took a horrible sudden change... my work required me on the road for at least 60,000 km a year. I worked long hours as a Groundwater Consultant. One day I was turning into a job site waiting my turn on the road when I was severely rear-ended by a high speed vehicle. I survived the accident but the recovery was difficult. Medical Treatment became my new full-time job... I had to leave my clients and my work, I was shattered.

After three years of relentless expensive treatment we began to accept I was not going to recover as well as we had hoped... nothing I did helped, short of neck and back surgery I think I did it all. My neck, back and hip was in a constant state of inflammation, sleep was often impossible, my vision was terrible, I seldom did any writing, I looked exhausted everyday, I was very depressed at times and just wanted to stay home. My husband Cam often said, "You're looking pretty dark under the eyes today." Cam knew that meant I was usually fighting another flare-up.

We have thousands of dollars of equipment in our home to help me with re-hab, no expense was spared. I never did the drug-train very well, I've never been into pharmaceutical drugs. I was off all prescription drugs as quickly as possible but have used a large number of Robaxcet/Platinum and of course continued drinking bottled water everyday. I just wasn't having a lot of fun and couldn't understand why I was not able to recover. Most doctors told me, this was just the way I was going to be and not to expect too much change 3 years after the accident. I kept trying to go back to my work... but it wasn't working out, I spent a lot of time at home... it was the best place for me.

Coming Out Of Denial

Over the last year I began to feel my body was physically rejecting the bottled drinking water. As I was drinking bottled water, I would often just look at it sitting in the glass, I felt something wasn't right... and it wasn't. But I continued to guzzle my bottled water, I didn't have any other answers or solutions but I knew I needed a lot of water to function as dehydration will only increase the inflammation. But it seemed I was never hydrated, even after drinking the bottled water, the more I drank the thirstier I became... there was a reason for this! My husband even asked me why I wouldn't install a system in our home, I finally told him one day... it was because I really didn't know what to do. I still believed that Drinking Bottled Water was the best, even though we were both beginning to question the condition of our health. You see, husband was also beginning to experience health issues - I had no idea how much drinking bottled water had effected my body.

One day a friend from Alabama sent me an email with information about a Japanese Drinking Water Technology that has been used in Japan and their hospitals for nearly 40 years. People send me water device information all the time to look at... most is just another way to filter water, nothing new. I had to admit, Alkaline Water Benefits, I actually knew little about the subject. I've known for years we don't want to be consuming acid water, I'm able alter PH with chemical injection and electronics real quick in any system. This is where I feel I've let the public, my family and myself down

After spending a few days researching and reading... everything was beginning to make sense. I was fascinated by the possibilities, I had certainly tested my own health to the limits by drinking bottled water. When it comes to consuming water I've always been very careful with public health... but it was time for me to step up to the plate and put my own money where my mouth is! I was surprised to find this Japanese company had a new office in Vancouver of all places... I think I would have flown to Japan to see this drinking water technology in action at that point. I really needed to see the technology... the next thing I knew I'm on the ferry, it was the most amazing day!

I finally understand why I had remained so sick for so long... no wonder recovery was not possible for me and perhaps for millions of others who are suffering a life of chronic illness, pain and declining health. I was drinking bottled water all these years believing it was the very best water for human health.The horrible neck injections I've endured, living in the pain clinic costing over $10,000 for 20 days, closing my office, the hundreds of trips for therapy... but I only needed to change my water? That's insane... what have we bought into? I've completely quit drinking bottled water... I will no longer touch the stuff, I'm now of the opinion that bottled water is toxic to the human body! 40 years ago roughly 1 in 3000 people had cancer, now it's 1 out of 3 of us! What are we doing to ourselves, it's time to quit drinking the Kool-Aid folks... it's time for some critical thinking.

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