Facts About Iron
In Well Water

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The facts about iron in well water which I would like to discuss is from more of a practical point-of-view. Where we have well water with iron we will often will have manganese. I refer to them as the sister elements... neither are listed as health concerns but both together or either alone can ruin a home with staining and cause costly damage.

Often when I am called to a home I can instantly recognized one of the more obvious facts about iron in well water... the homeowner has usually gone out and purchased every aggressive cleaning product and scouring pad on the market in an effort to remove the difficult iron staining on fixtures caused by iron in well water. If you do have a newer home and are battling iron and manganese... you should stop before you ruin your fixtures from such aggressive cleaning. You will damage the finish on your shower enclosures, sinks and toilets. That's just the visual part of having too much iron in your water.

There is much damage occurring that will not be visual but will certainly become very apparent down the road with elevated levels of iron and manganese. Although we cannot change the naturally occurring levels of iron that's flowing into your water well as that's the water chemistry of the water. But one of the most surprising facts about iron water is that it can better managed so it's not destroying everything that the water comes in contact with over the years.

It's All About Maintenance!

Many water wells are very high in Iron and Manganese, it's apparent as soon as we get the system into service. Others may be much more moderate but deteriorate greatly over time. In deep wells or rock holes as we call them the iron tends to be in solution initially as it enters the well. If you have several hundred feet of well standing full of water most of time or is never heavily pumped then some of the iron slowly comes out of solution and gradually settles to the bottom of the well.

Often for years the ferric (oxidized)iron settles into a ten foot space below the submersible pump. Eventually this settling area becomes loaded with oxidized iron, each time the pump engages the torquing of the pump causes movement of the water below it in the settling area and picks up more and more ferric iron all the time loading everything in it's path with even more oxidized iron.

One of the most important facts about iron that I can teach you is this... Maintain Your Well! Many of the excessive domestic water well issues are self-induced... iron removal from water needs to begin with well maintenance, do not expect to allow a home water well system to deteriorate then have someone come along and install an iron filter for you and have the problem suddenly solved. Iron removal from water needs to begin with a clean well.

I have seen absolute miracles occur by spending a few hours cleaning up the iron in well water first... then it's fair to make an assessment and take water samples but I never do it prior to the disinfection and flushing of the entire home well water system.

The reason for this is simple, you're going to need to run a water chemistry any way so why run it on a dirty, rusty well water?

When I performing the water well maintenance I'm able to monitor and access the well water as it's being pumped from the well... this is like the DNA to me! I can then make even more important discoveries about the characteristics of the well and the entire home well water system which will be vital information required for the functional design of any water well filtration systems which may or may not be required. There is far more information that does not show up on a water chemistry report than what does... unfortunately that's the data that you have to do some work for but this is the reason why I do not have well water filtration systems fouling and failing. This is the key to the key, and Water Well Maintenance has been number one on my list for 20 years. There are no shortcuts when it comes to iron in well water, these are my simple and proven facts about iron in water wells.

Visit Our Blog - It's Updated Daily!

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