Ionized, Alkaline Water
Explained By A
Highly Educated Medical Doctor

Just a few months ago I was most fortunate to hear Dr. McKnight speak at a ionized, alkaline water conference I attended in Palm Desert. He did an absolutely outstanding job of the presentation, in fact so much so his speaking time was extended twice while he was on stage... Something generally unheard of at a conference of this scale, where every minute counts!

Recently Dr. McKnight's ionized, alkaline water presentation was released to several people, I was one of the people in Canada to receive Dr. McKnight's presentation.

I not only have the audio portion of the presentation available but the follow-along-PowerPoint-presentation as well! You can either play the audio by itself, by just clicking on the link or you can download the PowerPoint and follow through with the PowerPoint while listening to the audio portion of the presentation.

The audio alone is fantastic but the audio in conjunction with the PowerPoint is remarkable. I won't add any further information or comments, it's all on this outstanding audio!

If you have ever wondered about ionized, alkaline water this presentation will certainly be enjoyable for you, it was probably the best that I have ever heard on the subject by someone with enormous credibilty such as Dr. McKnight!

Dr. McKnight MD,
Trinity Hospital Twin City's
Fit for Life Program Director. Dr. McKnight, is a Board Certified Family Practitioner who earned his Medical degree and Master’s degree in Nutrition from Ohio State University. He has been a featured guest speaker at many physician seminars on preventative medicine.

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Download Dr. McKnight's Power Point Presentation Here

You can follow with the slides - They are very impressive!