Learn How To Build Your
Kangen Business Online ~Effectively~

When I decided to learn how to take control of my online life back in 2004 I had just lost yet another $1500.00 to a website guy who had promised me the online world. He had shown me all the cool things that he could do online, I was impressed and convinced that he was the answer to my problem... I was desperate to find someone who was able to build a groundwater website for me. The contracted price for this site was actually $10,000 the $1500 was just the deposit that would allow him to begin, I was to pay more as we progressed.

This all sounded pretty good to me and I figured it was just the price I was going to pay to find someone a lot smarter than me to do all this online stuff that I couldn't figure out! Or I could easily remain off-line but even back in 2004 I knew that was not going to be a very good idea... yes I had a little bit of common sense.

Well my website dude did nothing and I lost my money and it was not the first time either! But it was the best $1500.00 I have ever lost and had he asked I would have gladly given him $10,000 to learn the same lesson... some lessons are just priceless! From that day on I decided I would get it together... I knew that I needed to figure out how to take control of my own online life. Considering I could not type and still don't very well it felt like an enormous task.

Well that decision back in 2004 was one of the best of my life! I was not an over-night success by any stretch of the imagination... we often refer to the tortoise in my world, well I was probably the slowest tortoise in the race. I continued to bleed a lot of money to the many online sociopaths of that era... I'd hate to have to share that figure with anyone, I foolishly lost too much money!

"But it was all good... it was the price I had to pay
and worth every penny to own my own online life."

I have gone onto build a very effect website that has provided my Groundwater Company with an endless supply of business over the years. I would never consider paying for a single Yellow Pages listing or ad and never need to pay for commercial phone lines either but yet I cannot keep up the phone calls that come off my site!

Folks... we all need to take this control today more than at anytime in history, if we are reacting with fear we will make poor decisions and we will simply follow the online masses! If you are wanting to build your business online then everything you do will require knowledge... otherwise you will likely be scammed many times over.

I am not suggesting that building a website is a good idea for everyone... in fact it probably isn't. It takes time and there's a lot involved, like with any endeavor most people will not do what it takes to succeed before they quit. But without this investment your online world will be futile and fruitless and no one is going to do it for you. Farmsville on Facebook is not going to do it and neither are replicated web sites, I don't care how good they look! Good tools? Yes, some are but they will not bring in the traffic, you need to drive the traffic to them.

You can still make a lot of money with your direct sales business the old fashioned way.... but I think you can make a fortune if you the old fashioned way with technology. I use technology but I work with people to build very solid dynamic relationships. If you did learn to get more effective online it's a fantastic and fun way to bring you a lot of future contacts to build your direct sales business. I also spend a lot of time going out and speaking with people or catching them on the phone I quickly plug those contacts into my online system... this is still a belly to belly business in my mind.

My website is built with a system that provided me with the training wheels that I needed to get going.... the education I have available to me at any moment of the day or night would never be acquired at any university. I have done all my online learning and building during my less productive time with this system since 2004.... today I have an incredible recession proof life as a results of making an effort and investment of time into my future.

"If you feel you are not making any headway online and are frustrated by your lack of business growth on the web and are often prepared to consider purchasing any new idea or system that seems to be the flavor of the month.... then maybe you would like to look at what I did back in 2004."

Anyone can learn to do what I've learned to do online... and I still can't type very well! I have been using the very same system for 6 years and to this day there is nothing on the internet that compares.

I'm also very busy and need to care for my own team here in Canada... I cannot help everyone one on one but I will take you where you need to go and let you make your own decisions. I need to invest my time wisely too... I am building the Kangen Water® Testimonial Site, it's an important project and a very valuable prospecting tool.

" I encourage you all to take action as no one will do this for you and everyday you wait you are falling behind exponentially! "

Below are some of my favorite books that will help you with a great deal of information... you'll learn a lot about the on-line world! If you're serious about your online future then this may be a good fit for you otherwise I would stay with the cookie cutter systems until you are ready to move forward. I wish you much success and good health!

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