Kangen Water To Restored Health

After far too many years of drinking bottled water.... Kangen Water has been the key to the substantial recovery of my health. It began within days of ceasing all consumption of processed bottled drinking water, replacing it with a Japanese Drinking Water device that we use at home known as a Kangen Water System. Because of all that has happened over the past 4 years with my health due to a car accident. As a Groundwater professional I'm pretty careful about endorsing products, especially drinking water products. I'm very impressed by the Kangen Water benefits, in just 30-days the difference in my health just by drinking from my Kangen Water System has been remarkable and indisputable, I'm beginning feel like a different person. Had anyone told me this was possible by just changing my drinking water I would have politely offered to get them some help, honestly!

Real-Estate-and-Water-Well-Advice.com has never, ever promoted a product, but the Kangen Water System must be promoted... I stand behind it 100%.

My work here has never been about products, heck I don't even run Google ads on this site to help cover my many hours of time and costs. It's been about people and helping in a way I been able to as a Groundwater Consultant, often from a distance and usually people I'll never speak with or meet - but that's OK. I've learned a lot during my Groundwater and Real Estate career. After the car accident I realized, what I know about water wells will not help others if I don't somehow make the information available... it's of much greater value if we can leave it behind. We all have so much potential and much to offer.

There's a whole other area of water that I was not aware of... this information plays an important role in our health, it's another learning journey, it's fun to explore with an open mind. Sometimes in North American we can become quite noble in our thinking - I certainly can, our degrees and doctorates can hold us hostage for many years if not a lifetime I'm discovering that Japan is far more advanced in drinking water technology than we could ever imagine... we've got a very long way to go! In fact we are on a very destructive path at this time and the result will soon come to light... selling water should not be permitted. If there was no profit in it what do you think would happen to the bottled water industry and all the plastic waste?

The Best Bottled Water
Is No Bottled Water!

Kangen, also known as alkalized ionized water, this technology has been used in Japan for nearly 40-years. These units in Japan are Certified Medical Devices. Kangen is a Japanese word best translated into English as "Return To Origin" meaning several things when used to describe water. In North America it has been said that maybe 1 in 20,000 have heard of this incredible life support technology... in Japan 1 in 5 homes use the Kangen Water Maker.

This is the only company in the entire water purification industry whose products have been endorsed by the prestigious Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease. There's been incredible acclaim over the Kangen Water product. The Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water systems have also been used in Japanese hospitals for 30 years. You can see why this water is so powerful, It's Here On Video.

We are an aging population but every single year I loose several more friends to cancer and they're not old... most just in the prime of their lives as I am. We've all seen to often what people endure once they get cancer... they fight hard to live but the cancer often becomes their life until it's over for them. 40 years ago or so only 1 in 3,000 ended up with cancer today it's 1 in 3, there is something terrible wrong. I just watched Farrah's Story, it's left me asking a lot of questions. I'm really questioning the water we are drinking and the petrochemicals used in the plastic drinking bottles that contain it from start to finish... until we finally consume this chemical soup. I will not get into how bulk water is processed but let me assure you it's often heavily processed and injected with chemicals then often stored in large plastic poly tanks loaded with ozone gas for many hours! Don't buy into the romantic label on the bottles either. I ask you to think about that every time you drink bottled water... start asking yourself, "What Is In This Bottled Water... Why Am I Drinking Water from Plastic Drinking Bottles?" It's called critical thinking!

The intention of this site is not to offer legal advice but general information based on nearly 15 years of experience working in the field. If you have any questions please feel free to Email Colleen