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The Pennsylvania Realtor Directory will be useful in many ways. wishes to honor the many great Pennsylvania Realtors who work hard each year, through the good and the not so good Pennsylvania Real Estate markets... "I have a sincere appreciation for what you do in the industry."

Ducks Never Soar With Eagles... A True Eagle Story

We lost a 15 Million Dollar residential Real Estate offer this past summer as a result of my groundwater report, I was hired to represent the purchaser. I worked hard to hold the deal together for both the Vendor and the Purchaser but I couldn't do it, there was definitely a groundwater issue. It was a tough situation... 15 Million Dollar purchasers are few and far between and the deal was hanging on my groundwater report, there was no room for error! I had a few sleepless nights... I wasn't sure if I could safely resolve the problem, it was complicated. At the end the purchaser thanked me for my services and decided he needed to move on... he walked from the deal.

Truly An Eagle!

I felt sick for the Realtor, I thought he would have been shattered as the commission was substantial. When I called him, I told him there was nothing more I could do for his client - he brought me to tears! This Realtor is special, I've known him for a long time... he cheerfully said to me, "It's alright Colleen, I'm glad you've discovered this now rather than down the road - after the deal has been completed. My concern is not the commission, my only concern is doing what's best for my client!" I was speechless... I knew then, we did the very best we could and the Realtor protected his client to a degree which I have never witnessed before. You're an Eagle Matt!

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Is a collection of Realtor's information pages from all over Pennsylvania.... also included are comments about each Realtor. I know Pennsylvania has many great Realtors and we want to let our readers know about them. If you have a favorite Pennsylvania Realtor... please pass a link to on to them so they may also submit their information at no cost to the Realtor. We would like to spotlight the Pennsylvania Realtors, it also helps our readers find and get to know a Realtor from Pennsylvania who others can also recommend with their comments!

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