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You can read many real life shared water well stories on this page written and submitted by others. People who have witnessed or experienced much of what I have written about on first hand.

For years now, others have shared water well stories with me through this site or often via email. These stories are very real for me as I edit them, I can relate completely - I've been around the groundwater industry for a long time... This is what I see in the Groundwater industry often. Often, I'm called in far to late to make any difference at all.

I thought it may be of more value for our readers by taking this web-site to a new level - by asking others to share their water well stories with other readers seeking advice, as your experiences are an enormous wealth of information and lessons.

Yes, there value in what I can offer others through my experience but there is much greater value in what our readers are able to share with others. Many costly mistakes will be spared as a result of your submitted water well stories that other readers have taken the time to share from around North America.

Feel free to make a comment on any of these stories and experiences... you may also have some great advice to offer! All participation is greatly appreciated. I may do a little editing on stories as they are submitted but each story is posted as submitted, I will not alter the content as I want this to be a safe place for others to finally have a voice.

~ Colleen Roberts ~

Visit Our Blog - It's Updated Daily!

Here Are The Stories
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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One of my very first deals in Real Estate was a client who had decided to buy rural land and build their own home... so I listed their existing home …

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Dowsing Experience 
We were skeptical of drilling so close to a well that only produced 1/2 gallon per minute as was the well drilling contractor. Yet, Colleen was adamant …

Take the Money and Run 
Qualicum Beach, B.C. January 12, 2010 In late July, 2009 my wife and I contracted verbally with Darren Grafton of Anderson Water Wells, Courtenay, …

Stressed and Confused 
My family and I are not accustomed to country living, especially with well water. I was not aware of the real estate my husband purchased. Therefore, I …

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