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Well Drilling Cost - The Questions You Need To Ask

Important 2023 Well Drilling Cost updates for British Columbia, including the Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Cariboo Chilcotin, Vancouver Island & the Kootenays.

For the current well drilling cost for areas of the Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Yarrow, Sardis, Clearbrook, Harrison Lake, Hope, Fort Langley, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Albion, Whonnock, Ruskin, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Dewdney, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Tsawwassen, White Rock, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton or the up-to-date prices for the cost of drilling a well on Vancouver Island.

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BC Water Well does provide online well-drilling cost estimates for the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Thompson-Okanagan, North Thompson, Kootenays, and other more remote areas of British Columbia.

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When determining the well drilling cost, it will be challenging to determine the final cost until you either hit water or drill a dry well! Regardless of what a well drilling estimate might indicate, the cost to drill a well can be much less or much more than estimated. Still, a drilling estimate for a new well if thoroughly researched, can be a beneficial indicator of what you can expect to pay for a new well in British Columbia, including the Fraser Valley, Thompson-Okanagan, North Thompson, Cariboo, Vancouver Island & the Kootenays.

Drilling a water well in a well in British Columbia may cost upwards of $85.00 per cased foot in 2022… the cost of steel casing has increased well-drilling costs in BC considerably during the pandemic, among other factors.

Your well may not require much casing to drill and develop if we are drilling into bedrock; this will significantly reduce the cost to drill a well. This is where a well drilling estimate is valuable; we can quickly determine your property's drilling conditions.

If you are going to drill for water, you should know precisely where to drill on your property before hiring a well driller; dry hole drilling can significantly increase the cost of drilling a producing well on your property.

The cost to drill a well in British Columbia varies depending on the location, depth, and typical costs associated with drilling a well. Some well drillers have a fixed minimum price for the first 100 feet, with a price per foot for anything beyond that. If you are in a remote or rugged area to access, additional well drilling costs may apply.

Is your local well driller prepared to guarantee water? If not, you might want to ask, “Why not?”

We do Guarantee Water in many areas of British Columbia; please download the information guide for more information; this is our way to help you safely secure water for your property and often significantly reduce the well drilling cost in Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Vancouver Island, the Kootenays and other areas of British Columbia.

Water Well Drilling Cost for British Columbia

What Goes Into Drilling Water Well?

Water well drilling costs need to be seriously considered when developing a property or searching to expand an existing water supply. A new water well drilling rig can be worth upwards to a million dollars fully equipped, there's additional equipment involved too, and the cost of operating water well drilling equipment is high. Wages will be paid to usually one journeyman water well driller per rig. His assistant may not be ticketed.

When people wonder why the cost of drilling a well is so high, there's ample reason. It's a tricky business with endless overhead and many significant repairs. I've been professionally dowsing water wells, and working in the water well drilling industry for nearly 25 years.

Well drillers are never given enough credit for their years of commitment to the industry. It's dangerous work and often a business of adversity, one that most could not endure for long.

When asking for a well drilling cost or estimate you will be given a standard price, one for drilling and one for the cost of steel casing. Currently on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.... the cost of drilling a well may average $35.00 per foot for drilling and approximately $20.00 per foot for the casing. The casing will only need to be installed until water well driller hits bedrock; the 6" steel casing is used to support the over-burden material... dirt, sand, clay, gravel, etc. Once the well drilling bit drills into solid bedrock, the steel casing is no longer required as the borehole will be self-supporting.

The installation of steel casing can almost double the cost of drilling a well... sometimes there might only be 20' of casing required before the driller hits bedrock, once the well driller is into rock the casing will be adequately grouted and sealed preventing possible surface or sub-surface water from entering and contaminating the new water well.

From this point the rock drilling bit grinds and chews away at the rock bringing rock filings to the surface as it creates the new borehole, sometimes drilling hundreds of feet before hitting the water or hitting several low producing fractures along the way. How far is always the million dollar question!

The well drilling cost escalates if the well is drilled deep and is cased all the way down... we have drilling areas where we can drill through 300' of overburden, to find water it will be at least $25,000 @ 300' drilled and cased. Please do not use my prices as your local prices, as they will likely not be the same; I'm only providing an example of the possible cost of drilling a well.

What Is A Stainless Steel Well Screen?

If you end up drilling an overburden well you may not need to drill too far as the water well driller might get into a nice gravel or sandy seam quite quickly producing plenty of good quality water. You don't want to get the water to soon but hopefully with overburden you don't go too deep either.If the well is cased all the way because it's overburden then it will likely be recommended that a water well screen be installed.

A water well screen is generally a 4'perforated stainless steel section installed at the bottom of the well casing which allows the water to move through the well screen and enter the well. The slot size of the well screen will depend on the material that the water well driller has finally located a stable source of groundwater. The cost per section may be estimated @ $2000.00 installed. A screen will not be required in a drilled rock well... only in overburden.

You may want to discuss well screens with your water well driller ahead of time as a quick decision may be required at the time of drilling. Sometimes wells are left open-bottom without a screen to keep the cost down, especially if the property is being developed for resale. This may not be a very good idea... there can be other problems with open-bottom wells that may not be worth saving a few dollars at the time of drilling. Sometimes the new property owner could be inheriting a bit of a problem down the road, water well construction is important. A water well screen will be indicated on the well log or drilling report if one has been installed in the well at the time of drilling.

The above details explained is work that will all be performed by the water well drilling rig and generally operated by a journeyman well driller with an assistant. This is the basic construction of a water well. There will be a few other additional costs, you may be invoiced for a drive-shoe, this could be a few hundred dollars. Sometimes a well drilling service will charge an hourly fee for development of the well, you need to ask about all extra possible fees and have them in writing and signed. Also the well drilling contractor could charge another fee to move the well drilling rig to your site... especially if he's from out of town at all, again this could be a few hundred dollars. He may have a little cheaper rate but he may get you on extra fees so be aware of this. Moving fees are common in my area, I don't like it but it does cost the driller to move the rig. Water Well drilling rigs require a lot of fuel to operate, both to move the rig and drill a water well.

There might be an extra charge for Bentonite which is often used to seal the well casing from exterior water entering the well. In any case it would be very good for you to ask and understand how the casing is sealed into the rock, it's important this is done properly. As you can see the well drilling cost adds up fast, it's expensive and you may still end up with a dry water well. That's why you really need to think twice when purchasing property without water! Even with a good dowser on site there is no guarantee that water will be located, I've been professional for 25 years, my batting average is excellent but certainly not perfect.