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Coliform Bacteria Well Water Testing should be done at least annually. Unfortunately many wells have never had any comprehensive water testing performed, many have never even had a basic bacteria test.

Sampling your well water is not very convenient for the most part. First you need the proper sterilized containers from the lab, you absolutely need to know how to sample correctly, you then need to quickly get the samples to an accredited lab within a certain temperature range and within a maximum required time after sampling. When you finally do get the sample to an accredited lab for testing you need to know which water tests would be best to conduct on your particular well water.

Initially, the first time the well is tested I strongly recommend that a Comprehensive Water Test be completed on all wells. The scope of this test should depend on the water quality and type of well, but at least a complete metal scan (ICP) including Arsenic, microbial (water bacteria test,) etc. People call and will say they're just interested in testing water hardness... that's not the way these tests work.

Well water testing is performed so that you have a complete water chemistry report, a complete report is very useful in many ways. In fact if you're selling your home, I find many homeowners aren't aware of the importance of well water testing. It's wise to have a Comprehensive Water Testing Report in your personal files... prior to listing or at very least prior to an offer coming in.

Getting The Water Samples To The Lab

Clearly, it's easy to understand why so many well owners are not having their water wells tested... it's really not very convenient for a homeowner. All private domestic wells are the responsibility of the owner in British Columbia, our local Health Dept. are not involved in well water testing of private wells in any way. For many years on Vancouver Island I've had what I call Lab Days... Lab Days are designated to water sampling and processing.

I generally have a list of homeowners waiting to have their well water sampled. I try to have everyone on the list scheduled for a time on a specific day, I then spend the day sampling wells. All samples are processed with a Chain of Custody Report then placed in a water sample cooler which I'll often drive to the lab personally to meet deadline. The water samples must be in the lab within a certain number of hours or they're deemed stale dated.

Within a week or so all the Lab reports are emailed to my office, I then email the water reports out from there making a call to each homeowner explaining the results of their Water Analysis Report. Lab days allow me to sample a number homes in a day. I do all the water sampling myself so there's much less concern of error if I do receive a water analysis report which indicates a possible well contamination concern. The water testing system that I have in place is very effective... I've provided hundreds of reports.

LAB DAY Service Now Available
For The Gulf Islands

As of Fall 2009 I'm extending South Island Water's Lab Day Service to a number of the Gulf Islands. I prefer to test wells once the wet weather arrives... there will often be concerns during the wet weather months that may not show up during the dry hot summer months.

Especially with drilled wells due to possible water well surface leaks where contaminated surface water can enter a well especially once the rainy weather begins. Perhaps where the casing is socketed into the bedrock... the casing may not grouted properly allowing contaminated surface water to enter a water well from along the casing from the top of the bedrock. Shallow/surface fractures can also begin to flow into the well, contaminated water entering a well may not be apparent, there's not always a clear answer for the well contamination.

For this reason well water testing should be performed once the wet weather arrives and we've had some decent rainfall. A lab report may look nice and clean during the summer months but that can change quickly once the rains begins for some of you, your wells may even look cloudy or quite dirty!

South Island Water LAB DAY Service
Sample Pick-Up Schedule

I'll travel to the larger Gulf Islands once a month, the smaller islands will likely be bi-monthly... I'll be on the islands just for the homeowners who have requested well water testing via the request form at the bottom of this page. I'll only be able to pick-up and sample a certain number of wells every month. I'll need to work on a first come first serve system, I expect the monthly appointments will fill up quite quickly.

I'm happy to take samples for only basic Coliform bacteria tests but I encourage you to consider a Comprehensive Water Testing Package. If you've never done any complete well water testing... this test will include a full Chemistry Report/Metal Scan as well as a complete Micro-Screen/Bacteria including a Standard Plate Count (HTP.) If you're just considering testing water hardness of your well water I may not be able take the time for that type of test... but shoot me an email anyways, I'll always try to fit you in.

Please fill out the Water Testing Request Form... I will email a price back to you as there's not a set price, it depends on the test and where you are located, water testing is very affordable. If you have your well log information that would be great. If you don't have a well log try a BC Well Log Search.

Well Water Testing is very important... we never know when out lack of knowledge or due diligence may cause a serious consequence. I'm prepared to extent myself and services so that many more wells can be tested on the beautiful Gulf Islands! Please fill out the Request Form below.

Water Testing Request Form

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