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Grant's Audio books
by: Chris Moretti

I ordered The Closer's Survival Guide - MP3 download. It has change the way I do business.I have closed more sale and just think different about what needs to get done. You only get paid after you close the sale. Thank you Colleen for putting this up on your site.

Time Wasters!
by: Axel Keding

Grant has made me realize how much time I waste each and every day just talking to people who are not motivated and want to waste your time because they have time to waste.

Grant's Audio Books are very helpful while I'm on the road all day... I'm making much better use of my time!

I give myself far to much credit!
by: Colleen Roberts

I've learned that I give myself far to much credit for what I do. Actually I have learn from Grant that I am not taking massive action at all and have the abilty to do far more than I actually do. We do not have financial issues... we have productivity issues!

Grant Cardone's University training has got me really taking a real close look at myself!

Colleen Roberts

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