By Grant Cardone...

It would be better to be deaf than hear or be influenced by the amount of negativity, false information and bad advice that is being disseminated 24 hours a day. The next time someone starts passing on bad news or freely giving you advice consider this:

Be DEAF when someone says you cannot do it!
Be DEAF when someone says it is impossible!
Be DEAF when anyone tries to impose limits on you!

For these people that make efforts to limit you and suggest that you cannot fulfill your dreams are dangerous people. They have given up on their dreams and seek to convince you to do the same.

And do not be confused by these people when they suggest that they are only trying to help you! Help is not what they offer, for what they really seek to do is have you join the ranks of slaves, the apathetic and the hopeless.

Be DEAF to all of them!

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